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Welcome to the website of Longlands Primary School, Sidcup.

Mitchell Year 1-2

Welcome to Mitchell Class!


Teacher: Miss Brook

TAs: Mrs Davies and Mrs Bourne

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Important Information

Please can children bring in book bags everyday. 


Reading books will be changed on a Tuesday and a Thursday. The children will be choosing their own books from the boxes or the library. 


PE is on a Wednesday and Friday. 


Homework (Literacy, Maths, Spellings, Times Tables / Number bonds) will go out on a Wednesday and is due back on the following Monday. Spelling, times tables / number bonds test will be on Monday. 

Powerpoint from Meet The Teacher

On Tuesday 19th September 2018, KS1 welcomed a very regal visitor to their Royal Tea Party. Unfortunately Queen Elizabeth II was otherwise engaged, nevertheless the children were not disappointed as Miss Owen (Queen of Longlands) was available to host the event. The children entered the hall to the sound of God Save the Queen and quickly settled, ready to receive their royal guest.


On Miss Owen's arrival, as a sign of respect for our esteemed visitor, the children stood quietly before they bowed and curtsied. Miss Owen opened the proceedings, reminding the children of why the Queen hosts a Royal Tea Party and who might be invited. The children then feasted on a banquet of posh sandwiches and luxurious biscuits.


The top table consisted of Miss Owen and three princesses (please note that the prince, who was also chosen at random, wished to dine with his loyal subjects!) used fine bone china whilst they chatted and dined together. The Royal Tea Party was a huge success due to parents and carers providing the posh nosh combined with the excellent manners of our KS1 children!

Thank you everyone from the KS1 team.

A Royal Tea Party

A Royal Tea Party 1
A Royal Tea Party 2
A Royal Tea Party 3
A Royal Tea Party 4
A Royal Tea Party 5
A Royal Tea Party 6
A Royal Tea Party 7
A Royal Tea Party 8
A Royal Tea Party 9
A Royal Tea Party 10
A Royal Tea Party 11
A Royal Tea Party 12
A Royal Tea Party 13
A Royal Tea Party 14
A Royal Tea Party 15
A Royal Tea Party 16
A Royal Tea Party 17
A Royal Tea Party 18
A Royal Tea Party 19
A Royal Tea Party 20
A Royal Tea Party 21
A Royal Tea Party 22
A Royal Tea Party 23
A Royal Tea Party 24
A Royal Tea Party 25
A Royal Tea Party 26
A Royal Tea Party 27
A Royal Tea Party 28
A Royal Tea Party 29
A Royal Tea Party 30

A sincere thank you to the parents and carers who have returned their voluntary contribution for the school fund. As a staff team, we felt it was important for you to know that the funds really will allow us the opportunity to make a positive impact on your child's learning. smiley

Bright Lights, Big City... our learning stimulus for this half term.

Hop on board a big, red bus and head for England’s capital. Yes, that’s right, we’re on our way to London! This half term, we’ll take tea with the Queen and visit Buckingham Palace online. Using maps and research, we’ll locate Buckingham Palace, understand compass directions, plan routes around London and learn about the countries of the United Kingdom. Our research will take us back in time to the Great Fire of London and to famous London landmarks, as well as giving us an understanding of what it’s like to live in a big city.  Help your child prepare for their project by visiting big cities- very exciting places! Why not visit a local city to spot interesting vehicles, buildings and landmarks? Alternatively, you could search the web for images, information and film clips about London and keep a scrapbook of your findings. You could also visit the local library to see if you can find some colourful books of nursery rhymes and traditional songs to enjoy together.

Open Day visits for admission in 2019 - Please call or email the school office to book your date. Dates are shown on our admissions page and in the latest news sections of this website.