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Picasso Year 1-2


On Friday, as part of our 'Paws, Claws and Whiskers' topic, we met- a Horsfield- called Colonel Mustard. 

The children thought of some very probing questions to test my 'expert' knowledge! Erin helped wrangle Colonel Mustard because, as he warmed up, he moved more quickily, and would have quite happily made a bid for freedom!

We spoke about how long a tortoise might live for; size; male and female features; the unique pattern on every tortoise's plastron amongst other facts... and ask your child where a tortoise can take in might be very surprised.


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November has be very busy for the Picasso class! However we found some time to sit together and share our family trees. Our class is made up of such interesting and diverse backgrounds! It was exciting for the children to share something personal about themselves to the class!  Excellent work Picasso class!!!! 
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