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Welcome to the website of Longlands Primary School, Sidcup.

Weiwei Year 6

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Ai Weiwei

'A small act is worth a thousand thoughts."

Ai Weiwei


Wow, we are back!

I hope you have had a fantastic summer and are now ready for a fabulous year.

I am excited to be back and looking forward to working with you and growing together.

We have some fantastic things lined up throughout the year, so I guess now it is simply a case of getting started.


I imagine the first thing you have noticed is that our class name has changed. 


“At different times I've worked in different mediums. For me, the variation is not an artistic judgment, but a necessary choice. It's just as normal to eat with chopsticks, as it is to eat with forks or hands. Different circumstances call for different tools. I try to express ideas with the most appropriate available materials and forms. Very often the medium comes first, and then my reasons for it. Sometimes, I work with a medium I don't like out of curiosity. It is an experiment to challenge my pre-existing concepts and tastes. I've taken hundreds and thousands of photographs, and it's not because I like the medium. I wanted something to parallel my daily activities, and photography is the most logical way of doing that. I filmed documentaries because the medium reflects real conditions the most completely. I don't think artists should only work with what is handiest and most familiar, because the unfamiliar provides a challenge, and it creates another language. It defines the condition for new possibilities.” 

- Ai Weiwei



Over the course of the year, I am looking forward to finding out more about our chosen artist and I hope you are too.


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Our Topics


Off with her Head

Ola Mexico



Fun at the Fair

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Let’s get reading.

I really enjoy a good book. I find a good book can keep me company, teach me things I never knew, introduce me to new people and take me places I have never been or hadn’t imagined.



Let reading be our thing this year!!!!

Let's get going and share what we learn from the amazing books and journeys we make.



Homework   for 17th September 2018

We are exploring the topic ‘Identity’ in years 5 and 6 and we have two tasks for you.

Next week, we are hoping to look a little closer at inheritance, especially as it is Jeans for Genes Day on Friday. To do this, we would love if you could bring in a photo of a close family member. Perhaps, you would like to bring a photo of your immediate family. Please don’t bring one that is terribly precious and irreplaceable as we would hate for it to get lost.

Secondly, we would like you to collect ‘bits and bobs’ from home that reflect who you are so that you can be a part of our ’Hanger Installation’.

Please bring everything in for Monday 17th September and enjoy collecting!


I have included a copy of the homework that will need to be done by this Monday as I am aware that it involves much time to collect things sometimes.

Hopefully this is helpful.

                                         Meet the Teacher

Many of you I have met before, but it is always nice to meet again.

Our 'Meet the Teacher' is next Monday, 17th September, at 2.30pm. It would be great to see you, but I do of course understand if you cannot make it.


Open Day visits for admission in 2019 - Please call or email the school office to book your date. Dates are shown on our admissions page and in the latest news sections of this website.