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An introduction from our Art Lead - Miss Childs (Malone Class)

At Longlands, classes are named after artists from different cultures. Each class is introduced to the artwork of their artist, developing knowledge of the style and techniques used. Children then use these methods to create art in a similar style, which is celebrated across the school. Each individual also creates something for a whole school art display to be celebrated.


Children at Longlands are encouraged to experiment with tools and techniques to convey their ideas. Our art curriculum enables children to demonstrate a progression of skills across the key stages. Creativity is also a skill that is embedded across the school as part of our skills builder partnership.

Art skills are taught from reception, helping to meet Early Learning Goals. Children are taught to use drawing, painting and sculpture to express their ideas. Children develop their pattern skills through identifying patterns in nature and from other cultures, as well as making links to symmetrical patterns in Maths.


During key stages one and two, texture is developed through experimenting with different materials and drawing skills are developed by creating different markings with various tools, creating tone and shadow. It is expected that children continuously reflect on the successes of their artwork and encouraged to improve and adapt their work throughout their art lessons.


Children learn how to use a design to construct with purpose, from imagination and observation. They develop their ability to adapt designs as they are working and evaluate their model and models from sculptors. This includes junk modelling, carving and decorative models. Shape and space in art links to mathematical knowledge of identifying shapes in artwork, then choosing size of shapes, considering perspective.


Our art curriculum is embedded across the curriculum and we make links wherever possible to other areas of learning. For example, in History children may learn about Ancient Greek pottery designs and use this focus whilst developing drawing, pattern and sculpting skills.


There are opportunities for children to participate in art and sewing clubs. We endeavour to participate in competitions throughout the school and go on art trips to expose children to different artwork. Children at Longlands leave our school being able to design, create, model, adapt and evaluate their artwork, whilst also making links to artists across the world.