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Mathematics Mastery at Longlands

Mathematics Mastery at Longlands 1

Since 2017 the school has been using 'Mathematics Mastery' to support the teaching of maths in EYFS, Key Stage 1 and now moving into Year 3.


The principles that are central to Mathematics Mastery mean that maths lessons may look very different to what parents may normally expect. 


The curricular principles of Mathematics Mastery are:

  1. Fewer topics in greater depth
  2. Mastery for all pupils
  3. Number sense and place value come first
  4. Problem solving is central


What this means in practical terms is that pupils are not going to be accelerating through curriculum content, as they may have done previously, but going deeper into it through depth questions and tasks. In this way, we believe this approach is key to helping children become more fluent , well-rounded and confident mathematicians. We believe it is important for our children are challenged to demonstrate and reason their mathematical understanding in a number of different ways before moving onto the next concept. For more information, please see the powerpoint below which was presented to parents at the programme's launch: 

Mathematics Mastery Vocabulary List Reception - Year 6

Below you will find the programmes of study for EYFS and Years 1, 2 and 3. These show the progression of Maths Mastery in the first three years here at Longlands.

White Rose Maths

White Rose Maths 1
In line with expectations about mathematical content set out within the revised National Curriculum, the school uses materials developed by White Rose Maths (WRM) currently to deliver the curriculum in Key Stage 2. Much like the principles of Mathematics Mastery, WRM places a large focus on children's ability to be able to represent mathematical problems in a variety of different forms and apply these in a range of different contexts. A particular emphasis is placed on children's ability to be able to discuss and 'reason' their mathematical thinking, something that features heavily in the revised curriculum.

Parent information from Mr King's Maths workshops

Times Tables


At Longlands we use Times Tables Rock Stars to support the children's multiplication and division, alongside weekly tests in class. It helps the children recall multiplication and division facts quickly, in a fun and interactive way. They are able to challenge teachers and children from their class as well as improve their 'Rock Status' through different games. 

Picture 1
Please find below materials designed to further help support parents and carers when considering how to assist their children at home with Maths. These were supplied by Emma Blackman, who is Primary Maths Leader at Bexley Local Authority following a training session held previously at the school.