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Here at Longlands, variety of experiences are offered to the children as part of their learning journey: theory of music, singing and songwriting form an integral part of this journey for all the children. Alongside this, they have the opportunity to explore different percussion instruments, African and Samba drumming, Boomwhackers and keyboards.

The children are encouraged to think and act creatively and also to see music as part of our wider world and culture.




Music Theory

Often using modern technology to aid the lesson, students will work through keyboard skills, scales, notes, chords and notation in a fun and engaging way. As students progress, they will improve coordination, rhythm, dexterity and ability to recognise different tones within an array of musical genres.


Vocals and Singing

Depending on their Key Stage, the children will learn songs that are age appropriate to work on breathing, posture, projection, articulation and improve confidence.



Over this course the class will learn lots of different techniques to make writing a song a simple process. They will choose their own theme and target market and compose a song to a brief of their own creation. Alongside this the class will look at building their musical lexicon with a musical dictionary that they will add to every week.


Samba Drumming

Samba drumming designed to introduce young people to the music of an exciting and different culture. The sessions teach participants a little bit of the history of Brazilian culture, Samba music, what instruments are used and how to play the basic hits and rhythms. 


African Drumming

Children learn a little of the history of the djembe and how drums are made as well as how to make the basic hits and rhythms.



Boomwhackers are a relatively new instrument that allows the children to play in group ensembles, recreating songs or composing their own melodies. Every song is taught using colour coordinated notes allowing children who struggle to read from a stave to still participate easily. The course is very hands-on with all participants having the opportunity to play the Boomwhackers, both as part of the group and in a solo capacity.





We are so proud to be able to offer the children the opportunity to be part of a rock or pop band in school.

 Your child can choose from the electric guitar, keyboard, drums or vocals and enjoy playing in a happy, supportive environment with their friends. Lessons are during school time and are 30 minutes, once a week. These are exciting and fun times for the children.

With regular concerts the children are afforded the opportunity to show off their progress to friends, parents and the school community with the rest of their band. This is an amazing confidence boost for the children. The experience to perform in front of an audience is very special and memorable. Through these experiences, the children explore playing an instrument but they learn much more than that. They learn lessons that they can bring to many aspects of life.

If you wish for your child to take part in these extra-curricular activities please feel free to contact the school office.



Rocksteady in Action

Rocksteady in Action 1

                              Peripatetic Provision

We have been very fortunate to have two peripatetic teachers who visit Longlands to provide music lessons to children on a one-to-one basis. However, are looking to extend this provision with the support of Bird College and are hoping to be able to offer instrumental lessons for piano, violin, viola, cello, oboe, flute, clarinet, saxophone and trombone. There is also the possibility of singing lessons. The school office will be sending letters and information home with more detail very soon. Please do not hesitate to contact the office if you would like to discuss this further or are interested in your child availing of this opportunity.Provision that is in place will continue as is while we look to timetable more music into our day.