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Alatise Year 3

Welcome to Alatise Class

Class teacher: Mrs Rossiter

TA: Mrs Rimmer

Peju Alatise was born in Lagos, Nigeria. She began her art career with painting, then branched out to being an artist, using beads, cloth, other materials. She now works in sculpture, using her art to make statements about social issues.

Key Information

Children should bring their book bags to school everyday

In order to maximise progress, children will need to read at home for at least 20 minutes every day. Please ensure that the Reading Records are kept up to date with comments on your child's reading. 

Children are expected to take a quiz on Accelerated Reader once they have finished reading their book 

Website for quizzes:


PE is on Fridays (children should come to school dressed in their PE kits)


Homework (English, Maths, Spellings and Times Tables) will be uploaded onto Google Classroom every Friday.

English and Maths should be completed in the Homework Books and should be completed for the following Tuesday.

Times Tables will be set via Times Tables Rock Stars

Spellings and Times Tables tests will take place in school each Friday 



Autumn term 2

Arthur and the Golden Rope

The children are really enjoying our core book this term.

There's lots of discussion around Vikings and gods and goddesses and the nine realms.

In English, the children have been building on their skills in storytelling, using images, effective language and tone to help 'draw in' their audience. They have used thought bubbles and freeze frames to express feelings and emotions, and they have been practising their acting skills in our history lessons too, following a script, acting out scenes from Thor and the Golden Hammer. 


Freeze frames- after the ferocious wolf attack

Autumn Term 1 Core Reading

Pugs of the Frozen North


The children have had a brilliant time really getting into our core book.

They are enjoying finding out about the characters Shen and Sika, and are coming across many opportunities to consider their feelings and emotions as they journey (race) to the Far North to see the Snow Father, along with 66 pugs and some other very interesting characters. They are having a fabulous time, as they take part in drama activities (freeze frames), descriptive writing and diary writing. Our Geography has linked perfectly with our core reading and has provided lots of instances to explore the locality of the Artic and its surrounding countries, oceans and seas. The children learnt the difference between a continent and a polar region and have learnt about the Northern Lights. 

Whole class freeze frames...start of the Great Northern Race

First week

We have all been busy settling ourselves back into school.

The children have completed their first week of English, using the Power of Reading, our new reading and writing scheme. They have taken part in drama and descriptive writing activities, including freeze frames and diary entries.

This has linked beautifully with Geography, where we have used Google Earth to locate the Arctic and the surrounding countries, oceans and seas.

We have already started looking at states of matter in Science, exploring the formation of particles in solids, liquids and gases, and have even begun our basketball lessons in PE.