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Reception 2

Welcome to RCR!

To all the parents, carers and children in RCR !


Thank you for all your support this year. You have been truly amazing !


Both Mrs Svensen and myself would like to wish you all good luck for next year. What a spectacular year this has been.The children have worked so hard and we have had a great time.


Wishing you all a wonderful summer holiday !


Mrs Rossiter and Mrs Svensen


Digging up the potatoes

Not a great crop this year, but certainly enough for a plate of chips.

Teddy Bears Picnic!

What fun we had playing Duck, Duck, Goose and singing along to The Farmer's in his Den. 

We had some tasty snacks and cooled down with our drinks.

The teddies had a wonderful time too. They were very quiet, but we could see how much they were enjoying seeing all the fun.

Today's the day that teddy bears have their picnic! What a fabulous afternoon.

Look how much our beans have grown!


Mrs Hamblyn came into our class to talk to the children about a number of different mini-beasts.

The children were particularly enthusiastic in learning about food chains.

We went  over to the allotment at the back of our playing field and had a good look for some of the mini-beasts.

We had a lovely time!

The children looked for mini-beasts at the allotment

Our visit to the allotment

The children hunted for mini-beasts in the outdoor area

Mini-beast hunt

Growing a bean teepee

Planting our seeds

We decided to create our own garden

Welcome back everyone!


We hope you are looking forward to our new topic on mini beasts!

Forest School- mud painting, finding 'treasure', looking for mini beasts, digging for worms and making mud pies...yum!

Our trip to Leeds Castle

We had an amazing time at Leeds Castle. There was so much to see and learn...we went on a tour of the castle and found out some more information about castles... this included machicolations, garderobes, the portcullis, drum towers and the tiny arrow slit windows.

The children took part in a play...The Swan Princess! They dressed up and were just brilliant at saying their parts.

The weather was wonderful too!!   

The Swan Princess

The children enjoyed the the playground!

The children used their ideas to play instruments whilst singing along to The Grand old Duke of York and Humpty Dumpty

Having a feast in our castle role play area

Our new topic-Fairy tales and Castles

The Happy Puzzle Company

The children all took part in maths challenge problem solving games and activities.

Reception and 1G had a fantastic time. They went into the hall together and worked in teams to solve the problems.

Welcome back to everyone. We hope you had a lovely break over the Easter.

The annual Easter hat eggciting!!!!!!

 Our Visit to Godstone Farm 


The children had an amazing time at the farm. Farmer Fay was fantastic. She showed the children how to stroke a chick (very gently with just one finger). She explained how the cows 'chew the cud all day'. She took us to see the sheep and the goats and we saw the lambs and kids with their mums. The children learnt how to milk a cow, they went for a ride in a tractor, fed the pigs sow rolls and even had some time left to play in the adventure area. What a brilliant day!


A huge thank you to all the parents and grandparents who joined us for the day. You were wonderful! smiley


World Book Day!

Theme for Reception-Old Macdonald had a Farm

The children from Reception and 4/3 P got together to share ideas in writing, drawing, reading, creating artwork and singing on our farm theme.  

In Maths the children have been 'sharing'

Building birds nests at Forest School

During our new topic the children have been having lots of fun whilst working very hard on their learning. They have learnt about farm animals and their babies, about the life cycle of a chicken and about the materials birds use to build a nest. They even worked in teams, having a competition on who could make a nest that was the most realistic.

New spring topic- Are eggs Alive? 

Celebrating with the dragon. The class Chinese New Year dragon gets a make-over

Chinese food tasting in our Chinese restaurant in 'China'

Our trip to China by aeroplane. Passports and tickets collected!

The children learnt how the Jade Emperor invited the animals to have a swimming race...the rat came first!

Chinese New Year!

Icing the biscuits

Mixing the ingredients together

The children made dinosaur biscuits-yum!

Real snow!

The children went outside to play in the snow.

They wanted to build a snowman.

They soon realised that there was barely enough to make a snowball.

Maybe next time!

Dinosaur explorers!

Our intrepid explorers put on their hats. They picked up a backpack, the binoculars, camera and the compass.

They set off.

Using their maps, they followed the dinosaur footprints...which dinosaurs did they spot...could they name them and how many did they find of each?  


A great time was had by all!

Children, parents, helpers and teachers...outside the museum

The children 'enjoyed' the earthquake experience

We looked at other parts of the museum

Isla and Farah examine a meteorite

One theory is that a giant meteorite crashed into the Earth creating a huge dust ball.  sad
So why did the dinosaurs become extinct?

Maizie, Ollie and Everly say that the elephant reminds them of a woolly mammoth and the hippo, a Triceratops

The robotic Tyrannosaurus rex

What we learnt about dinosaur eggs

In the lunch room

All that talk about which prehistoric animals were carnivorous or lunchtime we were certainly ready for a little nibble ourselves. 
The children found out that the Diplodocus was believed to have been one of the largest land animals ever to have walked on the Earth. Its tail was like a whip and may have been used as a weapon to use against other dinosaurs.

We were greeted by the replica Diplodocus skeleton in the entrance hall

William, Ellie and Afua were very excited on our journey by train from Sidcup to Charing Cross Station

We took the children on a trip to The Natural History Museum.

We went with the intention of exploring the Dinosaur Museum and also to look around the volcano section.  



The children are really excited about their learning in our new topic this term. They have learnt so much already-some of the dinosaur names, what they looked like and what they ate.

Welcome back!  We hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

A great big Thank You to everyone for their lovely Christmas wishes, cards and very generous gifts smiley

Spring Term 1

After all the dancing the children tucked in- a feast of sandwiches, sausages, sausage rolls, crisps, cakes and biscuits-they were ravenous!

Back in the classroom- time for the party food.
The children were so excited to meet Father Christmas.  

Father Christmas meets the children. He gives out the Reception and KS1 class gifts.

Father Christmas arrives!

The children thoroughly enjoyed playing musical statues. They had great fun dancing and singing, especially to 'Frozen'!

Christmas party day! The children all gathered around the WinterWonderland display for a class photo just before the party.

Christmas lunch together in the hall- delicious and great fun with crackers, jokes and festive music!

There's a Star!

Our Christmas play was a huge success. All the children worked extremely hard to learn the songs and the actions for our special 'Star' song.

The children chose different places to melt the frozen objects. They predicted where they would melt the quickest.

We discussed how the objects looked and felt when they were taken out of the freezer.

We had frozen some penguins and polar bears in a container. The children discussed how they could 'rescue' the animals. They decided it would be best to 'melt the ice to get them out safely'. 

In our investigations, we put liquid ice pops and water (in containers) into the freezer. We predicted what would happen to the liquid in the freezer.

In Maths we added two amounts of snowballs to find a total. James decided to continue this outside, making up his own snowball counting activity.

The children built 'sledges' and 'sleighs'. Farah decided to be a reindeer at the front of the sleigh

In the outside area some of the children built an 'igloo' and used it as a camp.

Tom, Charlotte, Farah and Esra play in the 'snow shop', buying and selling snow balls, snowflakes and icicles.

The children play with the small world animals in the ice and snow setting

Isla and William investigate the cave, whilst Charlotte looks at the icicles.

Autumn Term 2- 'Winter Wonderland' topic. 

The children have had lots of fun-learning about the Arctic and the Antarctic.  

Edward's first visit-to the dentist with Mrs Rossiter

A big welcome to Edward Bear!

Edward Bear is a new member of the class. Every Friday, Edward will be lucky enough to go home with one of the children in RCR. Perhaps he will take part in a hobby or get to go on a special trip or visit.   

The children learnt that during Diwali night sweets are given to neighbours and friends.

They found out how to make coconut barfi, a delicious sweet treat.

On the last day of term the children tried out some Indian food in our food tasting celebration. 

The children tried naan bread, poppadoms, onion bhajis, vegetable samosas and mango chutney.

There were definitely mixed feelings about the tastes !!!

Jesley, in RCS, shows us her traditional dress

Aliyah and Isla add the condensed milk

Freddie, Amira, Tom and Brandon demonstrate their ribbon dancing

The children looked at a traditional stick dance, used in the celebration.

In our dancing, we used colourful ribbons and put together some simple movements.

The children used clay to make their own diyas. They painted them using bright colours.

In Maths the children made repeating patterns.

The children learnt about Rangoli Hindus draw bright colourful designs on the floors, near to doorways, to welcome their guests.


The children painted their patterns using sand and a variety of colours. 

Role play using the masks and puppets


During the last week of term the children had a fantastic time learning about Diwali. 

They learnt that Diwali is a special Hindu festival, that the word Diwali means 'rows of lighted lamps' and that Diwali is known as the festival of lights because people decorate their houses and shops with small oil lamps called diyas.


We began by learning about Rama and Sita and the ten-headed monster.




Many hands make light work! All finished and looking lovely!

Let's give them water! (Afua, Princess, Tom and William)

Mia, Everly, Amira, Nancy and Isla arrange and plant more pansies

Mia and Anna pop the pansies into the soil

The children loosen the soil and put fresh compost in the pots