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An introduction from our Maths Leader - Miss Brook (Mitchell Class)

At Longlands, we believe in a mastery approach to the teaching and learning of mathematics. This rests on the belief that all children should enjoy mathematics and experience success; we want the children to have a ‘can-do’ attitude towards mathematics. At Longlands, we aim to develop motivated, creative and resilient mathematicians who can confidently apply what they learn. We do this through using Mathematics Mastery and White Rose Hub.


The children have access to high-quality teaching which provides a foundation for them to see how mathematics can be linked to real life situations, how the skills they learn during their time at Longlands can be used in different contexts and to build an appreciation for the beauty and power of mathematics. It is important to us that children see the relevance of maths and why it is needed in life. We set our children’s learning in context by making the links to real life, and across the curriculum, giving their learning meaning.


Throughout their education at Longlands, the children have the opportunity to develop and embed their conceptual understanding, mathematical thinking and mathematical language skills. We use a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach to help the children embed their understanding and skills. This is developing right through school so even the most confident mathematicians will be able to refer to and use these methods to explain and reason their mathematical ideas and processes. It is also expected that the children are confident to use manipulatives and see these as learning aids for everyone and not just for the lower-attaining children. The children are expected to have a secure and deep understanding of different mathematical concepts. Children are constantly challenged and experience a variety of problems. They do this through independent and collaborative work, where they are given opportunities to explore, adapt and reason their thinking; the children are encouraged to be curious about mathematics. The children are also encouraged to see mistakes as a learning opportunity.


The aim is for all children to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics so that they develop conceptual understanding and the ability to recall and apply their knowledge quickly and accurately. Children at Longlands should then be able to solve problems by applying their knowledge to a variety of problems, including real-life scenarios and unfamiliar contexts. Building upon these skills, children are expected to reason using mathematical language. They are challenged to explain why and to prove how they know.


Children at Longlands also have opportunities to explore mathematics in other ways. Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS) is used to encourage and support children with their multiplication and division facts. There is a club at lunchtime which allows all children to access TTRS. The children’s achievements are celebrated in assembly with weekly certificates, which the children love to receive. The competitive element is enjoyed as the children can challenge themselves to beat their score but also challenge other children and teachers.


We also use mathematics during cookery club, exploring different ways to measure ingredients and how we need to be accurate for the cooking to be successful. NSPCC Number Day is also a fun way to engage the children with maths and raise money for an important charity. The children have the opportunity to dress up in an outfit with a mathematical link and spend the day learning and exploring mathematical concepts or activities. It gives the children the opportunity to see mathematics in a different way.