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Teacher | Miss Black
TA | Mrs Davies | Mrs Hill

Important Class Information

  • Homework is given out weekly on a Wednesday and is due the following Monday. This includes, English/Topic, Math, Number bonds and Spellings.
  • Spelling and Number bond tests will happen weekly, on Mondays.
  • Please ensure reading books and reading records are brought to school everyday. Children are given the opportunity to change their books weekly, on Tuesday and Thursday. 
  • PE kits should be kept at school. PE lessons are currently on Wednesdays (indoor) and Thursdays (outdoor). After half term outdoor PE lessons will be on Monday.

PowerPoint Presentation from Meet the Teacher

Mathematics Mastery Vocabulary List

Who was Franz Marc?

Marc Class are inspired by the bold paintings of the German Expressionist, Franz Marc! Marc lived 1880-1916, he is most famous for his paintings of brightly coloured animals, such as his aptly named piece, 'Blue Horse'. Many of Marc's works champion the prime colours of red, blue and yellow.

Art Week!

This week we got creative and tried lots of artistic techniques like; painting, printing, sketching and mixing colours!

To start, we learnt all about our class artist, and created our very own abstract pieces. To create our art work, we chose bright and bold colours (just like Marc) to make an eye-catching background, next chose an animal shape to draw around on a contrasting, brightly coloured piece of card. We carefully used scissors to cut out the shape, and stuck it to the foreground of our painting.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Moon landing, we created our very own moon and rocket mobiles. We used paper plates, paint and sponges to create the bumpy texture of the moon's surface, scissors to cut out our paper rockets and string. We think they look out of this world! What do you think?


We even painted our hands for our 'High Five' class rules display!

Deck the Halls!

With only two weeks left until Christmas Day, Team Marc Class worked together beautifully to decorate our class Christmas tree. With a lot of creativity and problem solving (especially when untangling the lights!) we think we did a great job to make our class room look ready for the festive holidays!

Christmas Jumper Day!

Friday 13th December

Longlands have helped to raise money for 'Save the Children' by wearing our most silly and Christmassy jumpers!

Howletts Wild Animal Park Trip
Wednesday 8th January

Marc Class have enjoyed a fantastic trip to Howletts! We had a fascinating time exploring the park and spotting some of our favorite animals including, some naughty, noisy gorillas a majestic tiger and some enormous elephants! Marc Class even managed to run faster than a cheetah! We were very excited to find a Black Rhino (which we learned is actually grey!) and an adorable baby elephant! Thank you to all of the parent helpers who came along with us, you helped to make the day very special!

Skills Builder Challenge Day
Friday 31st January 2020

Marc Class had a fantastic day building and celebrating the eight essential skills we need to be successful! We explored the best ways we could apply our skills in; listening, aiming high, creativity, presenting, leadership, problem solving, staying positive and teamwork!
The challenge was to create our own greetings card business, with the ultimate aim, to manufacture a pack of cards that were identical!
Our teams worked together to discuss a theme, an event to celebrate and a design, all the while thinking carefully about the skills we were using and how best to show them throughout the task.

NSPCC Number Day 

Friday 7th February

We had so much mathematical fun, dressing up and raising awareness for the NSPCC! Marc Class celebrated Number Day by taking on lots of math-related challenges, activities and playing fun maths games! We even used our measuring skills to bake our own delicious shortbread biscuits! We also came up with and wrote our own version of Julia Donaldson’s ‘Spinderella’, a story all about a spider who loves to count (almost as much as we do)!

Marc Class spent a wonderful afternoon bird watching!

Here are some of the free websites Marc Class love to visit to help us learn! Why not play them at home?



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