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Reception 2

A warm welcome to Goldsworthy Class 2016-17

Fun at Forest School !

Summer time is our favourite time at Forest School. This week the children had lots of fun cloud watching, bug hunting under the logs, sweeping the nets for bugs and shaking the tree to find out what bugs were living there. During our time there they learnt some important facts about various insects.

Our new summer topic-

Pirates and the Sea

To start our new topic off with a bang we had a pirate dress up day, where the children were invited to come to school dressed in pirate attire.

As part of their pirate activities, the children sang songs, made their own treasure maps, decorated their 'ship's biscuits' with pirate designs of their choice and took part in a pirate ship problem solving activity.

What an exciting day! 

How to make a chair using newspaper !

With the help of Mrs Suer (teaching the children) and Mrs Michie (organising the event), the children learnt how they could make items of furniture using newspaper and a STIXX machine. The children listened so well and were totally enthused about was truly amazing !

The paper was rolled, put through the machine to stiffen it and then the sticks were tied together to make a shape.

Summer Term topic-Out of Africa

During this term the children learnt about some of the different animals from Africa. For instance, they learnt some interesting facts about what the animals eat, their general survival and how camouflage helps them in the wild.  

Our visit to Colchester Zoo

As part of our topic we went to look at some of the animals at Colchester Zoo. The children were all very excited as we left school by coach. The children saw some very interesting animals, had a train ride and they learnt some interesting facts about camouflage. However, for most the favourite part of our visit was that the children got to feed the giraffes and elephants. 

Feeding the giraffes and elephants,seeing zebras, feeling the animal skins and furs and looking at the wolves

World Book Day 2nd March

The children and teachers came to school dressed as a character from a favourite book.

Reception had a very exciting afternoon, as Mr King began by reading them a Mr Men story.

The children in Goldsworthy were still very excited as they were joined by the children in Warhol class (Year 6).

Mr Ferguson (Willy Wonka) and Mrs Rossiter (Bottomley Potts) shared the reading of Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy.

After, the children in Warhol class worked patiently with Goldsworthy class to identify rhyming words and write about their favourite part from the story.


What a wonderful afternoon !    

       Mr Ferguson dressed as Willy Wonka and Mrs Rossiter as Bottomley Potts

Spring 2 topic-Growing


Welcome back after the half term. 

Maths Week

The children thoroughly enjoyed  Maths Week. Everyone worked hard on activities centred around our maths book, 'The Bell Rings'

Spring 1 topic- Witches and wizards

The children are very excited as they take part in role play,'making potions'. 

Mrs Back-to-front comes to entertain the children!

Christmas  dinner

The children and adults wore their Christmas jumpers for Christmas dinner. 

Autumn 2 topic- Space


The children learnt about the Hindu celebration, Diwali, the festival of light.

The children made diva lamps with clay and decorated them carefully with glitter paints.

The children made barfi sweets with condensed milk and coconut.

The children made rangoli patterns. They explored the texture as they mixed sand and coloured paint together.

Rangoli patterns

Welcome back after the half term break!


Our topics this term

' Do you want to be friends? '

' Why do squirrels hide their nuts? '

Our autumn walk

We went to the park to search for signs of autumn.

We were looking for changes.

 What did we find?


The children noticed that the leaves were starting to change colour...from green to red, yellow, orange, purple and brown.

They noticed that lots of the leaves and twigs had fallen from the trees and were lying at the base of the trees.

They saw that there were lots of berries on the bushes.

They picked up acorns and pointed out that they too had fallen from the trees.

We saw a squirrel collecting nuts and imagined where he was nesting.

We guessed where he may have hidden the nuts. 

Dan the Skipping Man

'Dan' came to school to show the children how to skip. What fun they had ! 


A HUGE welcome to Goldsworthy class

Our first time all together as Goldsworthy class

New topic- Fairy Tales and Castles


Welcome back after the Easter break!


We have been learning all about castles and the people who lived in them.

To help us with our learning we visited Leeds Castle.

We looked around the castle grounds at the main gate, portcullis, murder holes, the Barbican, towers, battlements and some very noisy ducks!

Inside the castle we walked through a secret door. We saw armour and weapons used by the soldiers

We saw arrow slits, a candle holder, the queen's 'show off' bed, her bath and the yellow room

We saw 'King Edward III and his horse'

After lunch the children took part in a play-Sybil (Lucas) the Cygnet

All the actors together!

We even had time to visit the play area!