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Riley Year 3-4

Welcome to Riley Class 2020-2021

             Class Teacher: Mrs Rossiter

TA: Mrs Svensen

1:1: Mrs Bennett/Mrs Harris


Important Information

Tuesday PE (children come to school in kit)



 Statutory spellings for years 3 and 4

These spellings will be learnt across the two years




The children's spellings for the week will be uploaded onto Google Classroom every Friday afternoon. The children will be tested on these spellings on the following Friday.


Times Tables

Children should use TTRS to help them learn their X Tables.

Testing will be every Friday in school.


Maths and English

This will go out via Google Classroom (please check on Friday afternoons). Work to be completed in Homework Books and brought into school by the following Tuesday for marking please. 

Maths and English homework will usually be related to the work covered in class and should be completed neatly and in pencil, please.



In order to make good progress, children should read for at least 20 minutes every day

Children should bring Reading Records in to school on Mondays for checking (your child may write their comment in the book after reading and parents should sign the books at least once a week.)


Please note

It is the expectation that children take a quiz on Accelerated Reader, once they have finished reading their book, and that the quizzes should take place at home.

A certificate will be issued for achieving 100% in a quiz (every week).

Of course, it is always advisable to check on before reading the book, to check that a quiz is actually available to take. Please ensure that your child is reading a book for their level of understanding. This has been recorded in your child's Reading Record.  


Here's a reminder of the AR link:

Make sure you use capital letters when you put in the username and password, as it is case sensitive.




Hello to All!

It's really great to be back in the classroom, where the children have been busy settling into their new year groups.


Over the last couple of weeks the children have been engaged in various activities. These have included learning about pointillism, which their class artist, Bridget Riley, was very interested in, in her younger years. This artistic style is a method of painting whereby the paint is directly applied to the canvas instead of being mixed on a palette. Dots are so closely painted together that they cause the colours to appear blended.

Team Riley

The children have also been busy creating a new 'Team Riley' flag, which contains the children's own ideas about what makes a great team. 

Stretch Zone

They have also thought about how they can stretch themselves this move out of their comfort zones, and have set themselves a challenge (target).


I Am Warrior

This term, the children have been very busy on Google Classroom with their learning!

They have been finding out lots of important facts about the Romans, building on their knowledge by starting with the Celts.

They created timelines showing important events, have looked at the expanse of the Roman Empire and have identified lots of the places on Google Earth. 

Learning has also included finding out about the Roman soldiers and what their life was like, what they wore and what equipment they used.

English genres have included letters, diary and an advertisement. They created a poster to sell the shield which they had made in DT the week before, with a challenge to produce a video too.

In Science, the children have built on their knowledge of plants...learning about the functions of the various parts of a plant.

During the topic, we had a Roman Dress up Day to celebrate our topic, where many of the children enjoyed showing off the crowns they had made in their art lesson. 


Santa Dash

The children had such a great time raising money in the sponsored Santa Dash!

There was lots of singing and a little bit of dancing.

There was lots of dashing...and then a little bit of resting, followed by some more dashing!

It was amazing!!!

Going Green-Skills Builder


This week, the children have given extra thought to how they use their listening, speaking and problem solving skills during their Skills Builder sessions.

They explored environmental issues and created Eco heroes on posters (to show what the heroes would do to help the world 'go green').

This led to the children designing and making (sewing) emblems of the Eco heroes on badges, for promotion at an Eco Fair.

Sewing the emblems

Kindness Week


During kindness week, the children had lots of discussions about the meaning of kindness. They decided to share their reflections through poems. They then created colourful posters to illustrate their poetry, which are now displayed in the corridors around school.

Remembrance Day

Riley Class worked hard to produce some really descriptive and emotive poetry to express their feelings about what they had learnt about Poppy Day.


During the past weeks, the children have been working very hard in their Potions topic. 

In English, they have been learning new (and revising) lots of spelling, punctuation and grammar to support them in making good progress in their writing. 

They have created rhyming couplets for our poetry writing, invented lots of 'revolting' menus, developed our letter writing, to create a persuasive letter based around our class book, Oliver Moon and the Potion Commotion, and they have written some fabulous instructions on how to make a potion.

During Art and DT, the children have had an amazing time designing and creating potions, making clay potion bottles and coming up with seriously fabulous names for their labels.

In History, we have studied herbs and flowers and how they can be used for medicinal purposes.

In Science with have studied States of Matter and the Water Cycle.