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Lichtenstein Year 1

Welcome to Lichtenstein Class!


Teacher: Miss Brook

TAs: Mrs Davies (morning only) and Miss Newton (1:1)


Important Information

Please can children bring in book bags everyday. 


Reading books will be changed on a Tuesday and a Thursday. The children will be choosing their own books from the stage boxes. 


PE is on a Monday and a Wednesday. 


Homework (Literacy, Maths, Spellings) will go out on a Wednesday and is due back on the following Monday. Spelling Tests will be on Tuesday. 

Topic Overview for the Year



KS1 had a fun and messy day yesterday. We were lucky enough to have a visit from SWAC (School's Waste Action Club) which is run by Bexley Council. The day started with an assembly full of facts about rubbish. A key message from the assembly was about the 3Rs (recyle, reuse and reduce) and how these can help the environment. 


KS1 then went on to make their bird feeders. They mixed cereal with lard and pushed it into a yoghurt pot, which was then hung up around the school garden. The children loved getting messy and hearing about which birds the feeders might attract. They are keen to keep checking whether their feeders are being used by the wildlife. 


The bird feeders were so easy to make and the children loved it. I'd love to hear whether anyone makes a bird feeder at home (all that is needed is lard, cereal, string and a yoghurt pot!) 


Pictures are below smiley

Bird Feeders



I can't quite believe another half term has finished, time flies when you're having fun! We've had a fantastic term of learning and I hope the children have enjoyed their Tunnels, Towers and Turrets topic. 


After half term, it will be the phonics screening test. Therefore, over half term I would like the children to be practising their phonics and reading lots of lovely books. I have not set maths homework but please keep practising number bonds. 


I hope you all have a lovely half term! See you in June for a term full of 'Wriggle and Craw'l! 

The Tower of London


Due to a busy week, we are going to postpone the spelling test until next Tuesday. Thank you for your understanding.


Trip photos will be uploaded before the end of the week :) 






We've had a lovely first couple of weeks back and have been working hard. We've been learning about the different parts of a castle, including arrow loops, battlements, moat, barbican and of course, the towers and turrets. We then took the opportunity to go outside and draw our own castles using chalk and pointed out the features to each other. We have also learnt about different castles around the world and thought about the similarities and differences. 


In Maths we have been learning all about measures. We started looking at the length and height of different objects, thinking about non standards units of measurement (cubes, paperclips, lolly sticks). By the end of the week we had introduced metres and the children were investigating whether objects were longer or shorter than a quarter, half or a whole metre. This week we are looking at mass and comparing the mass of different objects, thinking about which is heaviest and lightest. 


The children took home a voucher from KM charity for Leeds castle. Earlier in the year Lichtenstein won a competition for the number of children walking to school on a Wednesday, in the Bexley Borough. Their prize was a certificate for the class and a voucher each which enables them to get an annual pass (until 31st December 2018) for Leeds Castle. Well done Lichtenstein! 

Our Castle Designs



Welcome Back!


I hope you all had a lovely Easter break, the children have loved writing a recount about all the fun activities they did over the holiday! 


I just wanted to say a massive thank you and well done for the amazing Carnival floats that you and the children made over the holidays! They are wonderful and capture the spirit of Brazil perfectly. Our mystery judge (Mrs Clarke) came to see them all on Friday and the winner from KS1 was Gracie! 

Thank you for your continued support, it really is appreciated.


Lichtenstein are very lucky this term as we welcome Miss Blache to the class. Miss Blache is a student teacher from Greenwich who is completing her PGCE. She will be with us until the end of June and will be gradually increasing her teaching of the class. If you have any questions for either of us, feel free to come and speak to us after school :) 

The Fantastic Carnival Floats

Important Information:


Book changing will be Tuesday and Thursday from now on :) 


Keep reading! 


Miss Brook


Our upcoming topic for next half term is....


Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

See a castle ahead? Get ready to invade its mighty walls! Shoot a projectile with an archer's aim ! Head across the drawbridge, over the moat and up to the top of the tower...

Meet Rapunzel who lives in a tall, tall tower. Let's build a brand new one... Whose is the tallest? Can you measure it?

Then dig deep,deep down making burrows and tunnels, just like the animals who live underground.

What's the sound? I hear little hooves going trip, trap,trip, trap over the rickety bridge. Watch out for the angry troll beneath... make sure your bridge is sturdy enough to take the weight and get us safely to the other side.

And the three little pigs who need your help to build  a strong fortress. Inside its strong walls they'll be safe from the big, bad wolf!

No huffing and puffing will blow your fortress down!

Optional Easter Maths Homework - Please read lots and have fun too!


Enabling Enterprise - Futuristic Transport

Easter Bonnet Parade - Thank you for the excellent bonnets!

World Book Day

NSPCC Participation Winners - A big thank you!

Rio Carnival Headdress - A big thank you for all the fantastic resources!

Our next topic is…

Rio de Vida

‘There is no point to samba if it doesn’t make you smile.’ Alma Guillermoprieto


Oi! Hot, hot, hot! Dancing feet, step to the samba beat! Shake it, shimmy, hands in the air, wave your flags in the cool night air. Come join the party down in Rio, keeping the rhythm with your party shaker! Bright colours, patterns and feathers… Meet magical creatures from Brazil’s myths and legends and create your own too… Be as fancy as you like! Let’s get down to Rio where football is king, and practise our skills on golden beaches.


Bem-vindo ao Brasil os meus amigos!


If you would like to do some reading over half term, here are some suggested books:

  • Rio de Janeiro: A three dimensional expanding city guide by Trisha Krauss
  • Rainforests by Lucy Beckett-Bowman
  • Amazon (DK Eyewitness) by DK
  • The Frog Olympics by Brian Moses
  • A Day and Night in Rainforest by Caroline Arnold
  • Brazil (Fact Cat) by Alice Harman
  • Brazil Unpacked by Susie Brooks
  • Two can Toucan by David McKee
  • We’re Roaming in the Rainforest by Laurie Krebs



Lichtenstein have had a lovely end to Maths and Science Week. We had a special number day assembly with Mr King, who read us 'How many Jelly Beans?' which was about children who wanted one million jelly beans. 


We then went and completed a scavenger hunt. The children had maths based questions and had to hunt for the teacher who was wearing that number. The children started off independently and we came together as a class to share our answers. 


In the afternoon, KS1 were very lucky to have a special visitor. We have been discussing STEM this week and how it all links to science and maths. Mrs Suer is a STEM ambassador and she came to speak to the children about how she got into science and why she enjoys her job. The children asked some fantastic questions and were inspired by her talk. She ended with 'The Elephant's Toothpaste' experiment, where she mixed yeast, water, washing up liquid and hydrogen peroxide in bottles and it created foam. The children loved it, especially when Mrs Suer used more yeast to create a bigger reaction. 


The costumes for number day have been brilliant! Thank you all for making such a big effort to support the NSPCC. I hope the children have enjoyed the week! 

Number Day Costumes!

Elephant Toothpaste

31.1.18 -Maths and Science Week


After our exciting trip yesterday, we were straight back into working hard today. This morning the children started with an investigation into odd and even numbers. They started by seeing if they could share a certain number of cubes or counters equally, without breaking one in half. They then transferred what they had found out onto a 100 square. They were able to predict whether numbers such as 51 and 82 would be odd or even due to patterns they had spotted. 


The children then planned a game that they are going to make tomorrow. The only limits were that it had to involve maths and animals. Some groups chose a top trumps style game, while others thought about creating their own version of snakes and ladders. I am looking forward to seeing the finished games tomorrow! 


For science, the children were investigating floating and sinking. The children had to make a boat using a piece of paper and paper clips. We then tried them in a bowl of water and balanced paper clips and counting bears to see if they floated or sunk! The children realised that the boats needed to be 3D with sides and no holes for them to float!

On the 30th January 2018, we were fortunate enough to visit Eagle Heights. The weather was really kind to us and the superb behaviour of the children (which was commented on by the Eagle Heights staff) helped the visit to be one of the most informative and enjoyable yet! Well done Lichtenstein and KS1smiley

We had the opportunity to learn about so many different animals and this helped bring our 'Paws, Claws and Whiskers topic to life. What a memorable experience! The children had the chance to get up close to a variety of:



Falcons and Hawks

Owls and Carcara

Mammals- African Serval, Meerkats

Farm Animals-pigs and a Pygmy Goat

Sled Dogs- Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute

Reptiles - crocodiles, snakes

Eagle Heights!


Today was the start of Maths and Science Week at Longlands. KS1 are using Noah's Ark as a stimulus for the week. The day started with an exciting experiement - Miss Owen and Mrs Michie placed mentos in different fizzy drinks to see what happened. The children were challenge to do some more investigating at home (with your permission) to see which fizzy drink had the biggest reaction.


In class, we started with the story and a discussion about how maths can be used in every day life. The children have been learning to skip count in 2s, 5s and 10s. We linked this to the animals going into the ark. The children had an ark template and had to stick animals to show how they were entering the ark. They then used post-it notes to show the counting and predict what number would come next in the sequence. 


For science, we discussed famous inventors. We spoke about Steve Jobs, Mary Anderson, The Wright Brothers, Alexander Graham Bell and Ruth Handler. We created a class mind-map to explain what they invented. 


The children were enthusiastic throughout and it has been great to see them working together in teams to investigate. I hope they are looking forward to carrying on with Maths and Science week after our trip to Eagle Heights!

For your information:


I will be changing books on a Tuesday and a Friday until Easter. If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to speak to me smiley


We had a special visitor to Lichtenstein today - Colonel Mustard! As part of our Paws, Claws and Whiskers, Mrs Michie very kindly brought in her tortoise for us to look at and ask questions about. We were very intrigued and asked brilliant questions about how people look after tortoises and what they eat. The children were interested in why Colonel Mustard moved so slowly and Mrs Michie explained that when tortoises are cold they move slower, but when they are warmed up they can move quickly. 


The children learnt lots of new things about tortoises and I hope they enjoyed it!

A Special Visitor

Happy New Year! 

On behalf of all the adults in Lichtenstein, I would like to say a BIG thank you for our lovely Christmas presents. It was very kind and generous of you all. I hope you all had a lovely break. I am looking forward to seeing the children, ready for another busy term of learning!


Christmas has arrived in Lichtenstein. We have spent the week making Christmas cards,  having fun listening and dancing to Christmas music. It has been lovely to see the children enjoying themselves and getting into the Christmas spirit. I would like to say thank you for all your continued support this term. It is very much appreciated by everyone at Longlands.


I wish you all a happy Christmas. Enjoy the break and I will see you all in 2018, ready for lots of new learning! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas Party and Crafts

Christmas Jumper Day - Thank you for supporting Save The Children

A huge thank you and a really well done to all of the children in EYFS and KS1 who took part in the performance of 'Christmas Counts'. After battling with initial nerves, the children were truly amazing. Voices were louder, the dancing more 'Strictly'and the timing more precise-fabulous! 

After three performances, it is safe to say everyone was exhausted!

EYFS and KS1 would like to thank you for all your continued support and we wish you a very happy Christmas.

17.11.17 - A Big Thank You!


I would just like to say thank you to all the parents and children in Lichtenstein for the effort and hard work that has gone into the family trees and scrap books. They are amazing and the children are very proud of them. We are gradually showing them to the class and then we will be making a display in the classroom and corridors to celebrate the hard work. 

Thank you again, it really is appreciated! 

03.11.17 - Enabling Enterprise - The Amazing Art Gallery Opening


During Enabling Enterprise, KS1 have been working on a project called 'The Gallery Opening'. This has included them making their own masterpieces, becoming tour guides and using team work skills to create their own art gallery. The children spent Friday morning setting up the gallery and deciding where they wanted their artwork to go. After break, Miss Owen cut the red ribbon and declared the art gallery open! Lichtenstein did a fantastic job, showing different classes and adults around. They were able to speak about their own and a partner’s work, explaining what it was called and how it was made. The children made all the adults very proud and they all had a lovely time!

Memory Box, Our Next Topic!



Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely half term. This week is an exciting week in Lichtenstein class as we have been challenged to create our own art gallery. This is part of Enabling Enterprise week which focuses on different life skills, such as working in a team, aiming high and listening carefully. 


So far the children have come up with team names and they have discussed the different roles in an art gallery. This afternoon the children will be creating masterpieces which link in with their chosen theme of pets!

On Wednesday 18th of October, the children in KS1 took part in a Superhero Parade. They were celebrating a very successful start to the academic year. Parents and carers were invited in to meet a fabulous cohort of new superheroes. The children had designed and made a mask as part of their art and design technology lessons. To complete their outfit they were offered the opportunity to dress up as their favourite superhero. All staff in KS1 would like to thank parents and carers for their support and encouragement this term.‚Äčsmiley

Superhero Parade

10.10.17 - How do Germs Spread


We have been investigating how germs can spread. We started off by talking about what a germ is and how they might spread through the school. The children discussed how many different things people touch throughout the day and how this helps germs spread. 


We pretended glitter was the germs and we had five children with germs. We sprinkled glitter over their hands and the children had ten minutes of free choice time to do different activities. After we looked at where the glitter had spread and concluded that it went everywhere! The children had lots of fun with the investigation and loved the fact that glitter was involved! 

We've had great fun making vegetable superheroes!

The First Week



It has been a wonderful week full of fun! Lichtenstein class have spent the week practising phonics, writing about their summer holiday and their favourite things and counting. We have been thinking about superheroes, as this is our first topic, creating our own for our reward board. We also painted self-portraits which make a lovely entrance to the classroom. 


I am looking forward to the exciting things coming up this term!