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Mitchell Year 1-2

Welcome to Mitchell Class!

Teacher: Miss Brook

TAs: Mrs Davies


Here is some key information:

  • Children need to bring in book bags everyday please.
  • Reading books will be changed on a Tuesday and a Thursday. The children will be given a phonics book linked to the sounds from the previous or the current week, or choosing their own book from the Accelerated Reader library. 
  • Website for AR Quizzes: 
  • Children need to be reading for at least 20 minutes each day.
  • PE is on a Wednesday. Children need to come to school dressed in PE kits.
  • Homework (English, Maths, Spellings, Number bonds (Yr 1) /Times Tables (Yr 2)) will go out on a Wednesday and is due back on the following Monday. Homework will be uploaded onto Google Classroom and should be completed in the homework books.
  • Spelling and times tables test will be on Monday.
  • Times tables will be set via Times Tables Rock Stars (
  • Year 1s you can practice your number bonds using hit the button (


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me smiley

Accelerated Reader Information


- Reading books will be changed every Tuesday and Thursday. 

- There may be some occasions where children are given a book they have already have, this is no problem. In fact, it helps the children to build their fluency, comprehension and word recognition to read books over and over. 

- Encourage the children to read the book more than once over the period you have the book. 

- If you have not finished the book, please let me know. It is no problem, it just helps me keep track of the books being sent home. 

- Children should be reading for 20 minutes every day. 

- Ask your child questions about the story and unfamiliar words as they are reading to ensure they understand the book. 

- We will regularly reassess the children's reading to ensure they are taking home stage-appropriate books. 

- Please listen to your child read and sign the reading record. Let me know how they have got on with the book and any words they have found difficult.

Please read TO your child regularly in addition to listening to them read. This will enhance their language, vocabulary, imagination and enjoyment of more challenging books than they would be able to read independently.  



Children need to take a quiz on Accelerated Reader as soon as they finish the book. They can take the quizzes at home. 

- Children will take AR test to assess their ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) throughout the year to ensure they are being challenged at the right level with their reading. This will be written in their reading record and they will have coloured dots stuck on the front. This is to show which coloured books they can choose from. 

World Book Day!
Wow, didn't the children all look amazing? It was so lovely to see them dressed up as their favourite character from a book. Lots of them were so enthusiastic to tell each other who they were dressed as and why. We started by mixing classes up within KS1 and the first book was 'The Man on the Moon'. We read the book together and discussed the story, thinking about Bob and his job - he had to look after the moon. The children then had different activities to complete. They could design a new rocket for Bob, describing the different features, complete a book review, describe where they would go in a rocket and why and finally describing their favourite part of the book. Lots of children liked the aliens hiding from Bob because they looked cheeky! 

The afternoon was spent decorating our classroom doors. Each class in KS1 chose a book by Julia Donaldson. Mitchell Class chose the Gruffalo and helped to decorate a giant gruffalo, as well as writing their favourite part of the book on a leaf. Marc Class chose Paper Dolls and each had to design their own paper doll. Kusama class chose The Smartest Giant in Town, finding all the rhyming couplets and illustrating the characters. 

It was a lovely day, which was enjoyed thoroughly by the children and the adults!

Fruit tasting!

After reading our book this term, Anna Hibiscus, and learning all about Africa we decided we wanted to taste some different fruits. They can all grow in Africa and we had to describe them to our friends. We had mango, pineapple, passion fruit, avocado, dates, watermelon and banana. Everyone tried a small piece of everything and then we used the fruit to make a fruit salad! It was delicious. We then used this to write a recipe for a fruit salad in English!

Number Day 2022!

What a lovely Number Day we had to raise money for the NSPCC! We all dressed up in outfits linked to maths and numbers and looked amazing! Thank you for all the fabulous costumes!


We enjoyed an afternoon of maths, including bingo which was really fun! We read a story called 'How many jelly beans?' which showed us what one million jelly beans would look like - it was incredible! The children then had to predict how many objects they could fit in a jar and then count to see if their prediction was right. We enjoyed using cubes, counters and dienes for this! We also went on a number hunt, where we had to match the equation with an answer hidden all around the classroom! 

A Royal Tea Party!

Following on from reading about the tea party in The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon, we decided to hold our own Royal Tea Party! The children worked hard at home to design and make their own crown. During school, they made their own sandwiches or wraps that they later enjoyed at the party. They chose whether to create a sandwich or wrap and had a delicious choice of jam, cheese and cucumber for their fillings. While eating, we listened to tea party themed music and afterwards enjoyed a lovely dance! The tea party was thoroughly enjoyed by all! 


From 18th October, Mitchell class will be having PE on Tuesday and Wednesday. This is for 6 weeks. Thank you.

Egg Box Dragon

We started our mystery book this week. All we have learned so far is that someone has made an Egg Box Dragon with black wings, a red pointy tail, shiny eyes and a green, blue and grey body. 

We used these clues to design our own Egg Box Dragons and spent Thursday morning making them, which was very fun. We used our team work skills to make sure everyone was involved and agreed the designs. We had to include eyes, horns, wings, a tail and teeth. 

After creating our own Egg Box Dragons, we wrote instructions so that someone else could follow them to make their own. 

Egg Box Dragon