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Malone Year 5

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Teacher: Miss Gayson 

TAs: Mrs Steel, Miss Harris, Mrs Rimmer and Mrs Peden


Key Information: 


PE: Monday and Tuesday 



Extra activities plus home learning pack that includes an overview,SPaG alongside some further maths and reading challenges.

 Please look to complete at least 5 of the fun activities included in your grid. 

You could work to complete more than that - please feel free and be busy working to develop your investigative skills at home.

Collect your thoughts, ideas, graphs, fact files, photos together in your homework books. 


                                             Kate Malone



Our class is named after Kate Malone. She is an artist who specialises in ceramics. She creates ceramics inspired by nature. 

This week, we have been designing our own pots inspired by Kate Malone. We drew our designs and then created our pots using clay. We then painted our pots. We have created some fantastic designs! 



                                    World Book Day


For book day, we worked with children from Alatise class. We looked through the book Quest by Aaron Becker. We then created our own adventure comic based on the characters from the book. The children had lots of fun working with children from another year group and it was great to see all the different book day costumes.

                                            Number Day 

This year for Number Day, Malone class were creating mathematical art. In the morning, we started by creating mosaics using a hundred square. We then used our knowledge of percentages to work the percentage of each colour we had used.

In the afternoon, we worked with years 5 and 6 to create tessellation patterns. We created some fantastic patterns. 

                                        Enterprise Day

For our skills builder challenge day, we designed and created greeting cards. We chose a theme in groups, combined our individual ideas together to form a group design and then made cards using a production line system. This allowed everyone to have a role and take part. Afterwards, we presented our pitches to share ideas with the class. 

Our Northern Lights

                                      Northern Lights: 4.12.19


We learnt about the Northern Lights: where you might see them and how they form. We used the techniques we have been learning in art to blend the colours to create a movement effect. The children were very impressed with the art work!



                                          Skills Builder


For this term, our skills builder project is: 'Construction'. We are tasked with designing and building a model of a brand new building. We have been working in teams to create a new building which combines two elements. For example: it can be a cafe that also has a gym facility. 

Our first task was to create a tower using only tape and newspaper. We needed to work together to problem solve. 

                           Enterprise Visit to Gowling WLG


On Friday, Malone class had opportunity to explore and work in the Gowling WLG, which is a global legal practice based in London. When we arrived, the children were put into teams and they had the opportunity to interview the lawyers in their group. The children enjoyed asking the lawyers all about what they do and also how they became a lawyer. We were then treated to a tour of the building. We went into the control room and the children had the opportunity to use the walkie talkies to become security guards! We were then given law cases and the children became defence and prosecution lawyers. They had to build a case as a team and then present it to the lawyers, who became the judges. The children used their presenting skills to persuade the judges that their client was either guilty or not guilty. The children enjoyed the process and showed fantastic teamwork during the day. 

                                  Egyptian Death Mask


In art this term, we have been working on our portraiture skills. We looked at the death mask of Tutankhamun and created our own. We worked in pairs to create the mask using paper mache. We then painted the patterned edges and then created the portraiture features. 

Creating our Masks

                                          enlightened Science Questionenlightened


Each half term, the school will pose a science question for the children to try and investigate. This half term, the question is:


Will it ever be possible to become invisible? 


Children can present their ideas any way they like: a presentation, poster, diagrams etc. 


I look forward to hearing your thoughts! 


Miss Gayson

                      coolTrip to the British Museumcool 


On Monday morning, we headed up to London to the British Museum. We enjoyed looking at the Egyptian sculptures and we had to hunt for: the huge Scarab beetle, the sarcophagus that was used as a bath and the statue of Sekhmet. We then headed to the Egyptian workshop. We were taught all about the Egyptian mummies. We learnt why and how they mummified people. After the workshop, we were able to look at all the Egyptian mummies and the artefacts. We had a fantastic day and we have learnt lots of new things about our new topic.


A huge thank you to everyone that helped on the day!