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Teacher: Miss Brook

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Steel and Mrs Raman


Stixx Machine - Making Chairs out of Newspaper

Making our toys and writing speeches for Enabling Enterprise - Trash to Treasure



Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely half term, it has been lovely hearing about all the exciting things the children got up to! 


This week is Enabling Enterprise Week and the children are becoming toy makers! Today we have been thinking about how imagination can help us when designing a toy and about how we can make a toy eco-friendly, using recycled materials. I am looking forward to seeing what toys the children create! 

25.4.2017 Role Play - A Caucus Race (Alice in Wonderland)

19.4.17 Active Kids Taster Session

21.3.17 - A trip to Howletts


What a fantastic day Blake class had today! The weather was beautiful and the children loved exploring the park. They all spotted lots of animals including gorillas, wild dogs, tigers and elephants! It was great to see the children being amazed by how the different animals move and lots of the children were reading the fact boards to learn more about the animals. I am looking forward to hearing all about which part the children enjoyed most!


I would like to say a big thank you to the parents who helped on the trip smiley



Welcome back, I hope you all had a lovely half term! This term our topic is Predators and Blake class are excited to see where our learning goes! The posters they've all created are fantastic and have gone up on display in our reading area. 


Our book this term is 'Fantastic Mr Fox' which the children have enjoyed so far. They produced excellent character descriptions about Mr Fox which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. This week we are focussing on instructions for capturing Mr Fox! 

9.2.17 - Teethtastic and Gut Feeling


Year 3 and 4 had a wonderful morning today, participating in two different workshops. First we had Teethtastic, where the children had to sort healthy and unhealthy and they also had a race to 'eat food' pretending to be different teeth. Gut Feeling was next and we were able to see what happens to food at different stages of digestion! Everyone loved hearing new facts and enjoyed the morning! 

NSPCC Number Day 2017

23.11.16 Role Play Beauty and the Beast - When the dad tells Beauty and the sisters about the Beast's request



Blake class had a great science lesson today. We were learning about sorting animals into different categories. We started by sorting them by things like where they live and what they eat. Miss Brook then introduced vertebrate and invertebrate and we learnt about the different creatures in these categories. 


We then drew some fish that had been brought in for us to study. We identified features that enabled fish to live underwater, such as eyes, gills and scales. We had great fun looking at sardines, mackerel and herring! 

Drawing Fish!

22.9.16 - Dan the Skipping Man!


We were very lucky today to have a visit from Dan the Skipping Man. He came in to teach us some skipping tricks. First he checked our skipping skills and our listening skills, then we worked on a Lasso trick which involved a high hand and a low hand and walking through the rope. He also taught us how to do a cross over skip. To finish the whole class ran in and jumped over a longer rope individually, swung by Miss Brook and Dan. Everybody had a great time and really enjoyed learning some new skipping tricks! Pictures are below!

Dan the Skipping Man 22.9.16

14.9.16 - London Aquarium Trip


Wow! What a lovely day we all had exploring the London Aquarium. We enjoyed looking at all the fish and especially loved the penguins! The children represented Longlands beautifully and I hope they came home with lots to talk about! Take a look at the pictures below smiley


I would just like to thank all the parents who helped! It is very much appreciated! 

London Aquarium 14.9.15





What a lovely few days in Blake class this week! We have had lots of fun and I have enjoyed getting to know the children better.  


I'm looking forward to the year ahead, with a lovely class and lots of exciting topics and learning ahead! Make sure you check the page regularly for updates! 


Homework Schedule:


Maths and Literacy - given out on Wednesday and expected back the following Monday.


Times tables and Spellings - given out on Friday and expected back the following Thursday. 


Children should be reading every day (10 minutes minimum) and as soon as the children have finished their book and bring it in, then it will be changed. 


Miss Brook smiley