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Coronation of His Majesty The King

Buckingham Palace is pleased to announce that the Coronation of His Majesty The King will take place on Saturday 6th May, 2023.

The Coronation Ceremony will take place at Westminster Abbey, London, and will be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Ceremony will see His Majesty King Charles III crowned alongside The Queen Consort. Take a look at our celebration pictures.


Team Basquiat!

World Book Day 2023

The children all looked amazing in their costumes this morning for World Book Day. We started the day off with a discussion about the characters we chose, as well as talking about our favourite books.

We read the first few chapters of George's Marvellous medicine. We practised using different expression and tones to really capture the characters. George creates a 'medicine' for Grandma, we had fun looking at the rhyming couplets and then making some of our own. We used the extract from Shakespeare’s Macbeth where the witches create their spell, to help us conjured up our own spell/medicine for Grandma! We added musical instruments too and had a great time performing to each other!

We've had a fantastic World Book Day! 

Spring 1 




What a fantastic day we had whilst raising money for a good cause.

Year 3 and Year 4 used the book 'How Many Jelly Beans' by Andrea Menotti. We based all of our activities around jellybeans and the children looked at lots of different maths skills including fractions and bar charts.


We also had fun dressing up in Number themed costumes to celebrate the day.


Autumn 2


This term we have been traveling the globe and exploring Africa as well as all of the beautiful countries within it. African Tales is the core book we have used to help us learn and understand more about Africa and it's  fantastic traditions! We have written stories, and enjoyed some rather marvellous music! We have learnt to sing in rounds, and use African drums. Telling stories with the drums has been fun too, it helps the listeners to engage and stay focused on the story 'crick crack!'

Kindness Week

During the week, Basquaiet Class wrote beautiful kindness stories and poems for the residents at Northbourne Care Home.

A few days later, we took them along to the care home and presented the writing to the residents there.

Childre spent time with the residents talking about their stories and asking questions, it really was a wonderful morning had by all. The children sang 'Count on me' by Bruno Mars without any background music. A memorable experience that we shall all cherish.

The residents and carers enjoyed it so much that the care home have invited us to return!

Natwest Money Sense Workshop-

Fraud Scene Investigators


Basquiat Class were very excited to take part in this workshop.

The workshop presented a crime scene where the children were set a task where they had to help a victim solve a fraud that had been committed against them. They enjoyed this activity so much, some of the clues were hard to work out but the harder the children looked, the easier it was to find them. Working in a team proved very successful, it just went to show the power of team work, they excelled wonderfully in this.


Skills Builder Week

The children always look forward to Skills Builder Week. This week began with children play some of their favourite board games as well as some new ones so as to get some ideas to how they wish their game to be.

In groups, they discussed number games and put all of their ideas together. 

They made up rules for the game, then put together a prototype to test it out before finally working together to make all of the parts.

They were all very proud of what they had accomplished. 

Autumn 1


During this term we had a fantastic time learning all about rocks and the science behind them! Who would have thought that these simple things could be so fascinating!

We explored 'Pebble in my pocket' by Meredith Hooper as well as 'Ugg' by Raymond Briggs. These were our Power of Reading core books which formed the centre of all our learning, we loved both of these for different reasons. 

We really enjoyed writing about the story of the pebble, the journey it went on whilst learning all the science around this.

Ug wanted new trousers, his old ones were made of stone and were the most uncomfortable trousers you could ever imagine. We investigated rocks and the different types and what their possible uses could be, but trousers was certainly not one of them!

We made trousers too, just the way Ug would have liked them 'comfy and soft.'

Further more we dressed up as men from the Stone Age too! We had a great time! 


Stone Age Day!!

Avery exciting day for years 3 and 4!

We dressed up in our finest Stone Age attire and had a wonderful time learning more about how the Stone Age people lived. Some children made their own costumes, so bought them but we all looked equally fantastic...causing a lot of 'head turns' in the playground.


We explored what the Stone Age people ate, their weapons and tools and how they hunted and gathered, and how they communicated through their cave art. The children used their skills and imagination to recreate axes and spears using suitable materials available to us. They did an incredible job and really got into the experience! 

The Pebble in my Pocket

Author: Meredith Hooper

Core Book: Ug

Author: Raymond Briggs