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Murakami Year 1

Teacher: Miss Gayson

TAs: Mrs Hill / Mrs Selvey


Here is some key information:

Children need to bring in book bags and reading records every day.
Reading books will be changed on a Tuesday. Children will be given a stage-appropriate book and a free choice book. The books need to be returned the following Tuesday. If you would like another book over the weekend, please ask the class teacher in the morning. Please read the book more than once, to help the children with word recognition and fluency. The children will be given a book appropriate for their reading level, or will choose their own book from the Accelerated Reader library. 
Children need to be reading for at least 20 minutes each day.
PE is on a Tuesday. Children need to come to school dressed in PE kits.
Homework (English, Maths, Spellings, Number bonds (Yr 1 – after October half term)  will go out on a Wednesday and is due back on the following Monday. Homework will be uploaded onto Google Classroom and should be completed in the homework books.
Spelling and times tables test will be on Monday.
Spelling practise will take play on Spelling Shed -
Times tables will be set via Times Tables Rock Stars (
Year 1s you can practice your number bonds using hit the button (

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me smiley


- Reading books will be changed every Tuesday. They will bring home a free-choice book and a stage-appropriate book.

- The children are expected to re-read the book throughout the week to help build word recognition, fluency and comprehension.

- There may be some occasions where children are given a book they have already had, this is no problem. In fact, it helps the children to build their fluency, comprehension and word recognition to read books over and over. 

- Encourage the children to read the book more than once over the period you have the book. 

- If you have not finished the book, please let me know. It is no problem, it just helps me keep track of the books being sent home. 

- Children should be reading for 20 minutes every day. 

- Ask your child questions about the story and unfamiliar words as they are reading to ensure they understand the book. 

- We will regularly reassess the children's reading to ensure they are taking home stage-appropriate books. 

- Please listen to your child read and sign the reading record. Let me know how they have got on with the book and any words they have found difficult.

- Please read TO your child regularly in addition to listening to them read. This will enhance their language, vocabulary, imagination and enjoyment of more challenging books than they would be able to read independently.