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Meet Alfie - our school dog

Alfie is now 5 weeks and 4 days old. Mr Allen and I went to visit him in Derbyshire last Saturday and he is now playing with his brothers and sisters and having a wonderful time.

Alfie is 4 weeks old in these pictures. His eyes are open now and he can hear. He is moving around a lot more. He has started to eat dog food twice a day and isn't drinking as much of his mother's milk.

Alfie is 2 weeks and 4 days old. He can open his eyes but the world looks fuzzy right now, this will improve in the next few weeks. He is starting to move around more using his front legs. He still cannot hear anything yet but is beginning to sense vibrations.

Alfie is 1 week 4 days old. Puppies are born unable to see or hear, their eyes remaining tightly shut until they are 10 days old. They are reliant on mum for all their needs: still unable to regulate body temperature they seek out their mum in order to stay warm. Here you can see Alfie and his brothers and sisters laying on a heat mat, near their mum.

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