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Riley Year 3-4


Class Teacher - Miss Pugsley

TA - Mrs Gunn

1:1 - Miss Harris

Key Information


PE day for Spring Term 1 is Monday - children should come to school dressed in their PE kits. 


Children should bring their bags to school everyday.


In order to maximise progress, children should read at home for at least 20 minutes every day. Please ensure that the Reading Records are kept up to date with comments on your child's reading. 

Children are expected to take a quiz on Accelerated Reader once they have finished reading their book 

Website for quizzes:


Make sure you use capital letters when you put in your username and passwords. You can also check that there is a quiz available to take on AR by going to If you have forgotten your login information, please let me know and I will write your username and password into the first page of your Reading Record. 



(English, Maths, Spellings and Times Tables) will be uploaded onto Google Classroom every Friday.

English and Maths should be completed in Homework Books for the following Tuesday.

Times Tables will be set via Times Tables Rock Stars

Spellings and Times Tables tests will take place in school each Friday.


Bridget Riley


Riley class are inspired by the artist Bridget Riley, born in 1931. When World War II broke out, Riley moved to Cornwall. She enjoyed walking along the coastlines and exploring the caves, especially the reflections in the rock pools. She was intrigued by the sea and how the light made it change colour during the day. 

Riley loved to experiment with colour in her artworks, mixing warm and cool colours to make her paintings vibrant. A keen traveller, she took inspiration from the way countries like Egypt and India used colour. She was particularly interested by the fact that these hot countries used very bright colours to stop them fading in the sun. 

Her most famous style of painting is 'op art'. Op artists use colour, shapes and patterns to create an optical illusion. Many of her images look like they're moving! Bridget Riley first exhibited her black and white abstract paintings in the 1960s and people were amazed at how they seemed to move. 

Viking Day in LKS2!!!


We had so much fun on Viking Day! Everyone looked absolutely brilliant in their costumes! We had a fantastic and knowledgeable Viking come to school and teach us all about Viking life. The children began the day by learning about the 'Shield Wall' that Vikings would create when going into battle. They certainly loved re-enacting this and making lots of noise to scare off the enemy! The children also had a chance to look at and hold a selection of weapons and tools (all blunt, of course) and find out what they would have been used for. Back in the classroom, we looked at the Viking alphabet and the children wrote their names and tried to create a secret message for their peers to solve. At the end of the day, the children learned about Viking funerals. They all thoroughly enjoyed the experience - there were big smiles all day. 

'Cool to be Kind' Week 2021


Kindness Week (15th-19th November) was a great success in Riley class. We discussed how we could be kind to others with our words and actions! The children created 'Pots of Kindness' and filled it with handprints on which they had written acts of kindness and thoughtful words they might like to say to someone else. We also explored the idea of complimenting people and how this makes us and them feel good. The class then designed their own colourful compliment cards for friends, family and people around school. They had the opportunity to deliver these to classes at the end of the day. Take a look at some of the pictures from our week: 

Autumn Term 1 Core Reading - Pugs of the Frozen North


We are getting stuck into our first book of the year - Pugs of the Frozen North by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre. The children have completed their first week of English using the new Power of Reading scheme. We are four chapters in and the children are loving the wacky story. We have spent time analysing the character of Shen, considering his feelings and emotions when abandoned on the frozen ship by his cremates Captain Jeggings, Bo and Mungbean! Fortunately, Shen has met a friendly and helpful girl named Sika, and of course, has 66 pugs for company! They have also taken part in drama actives (freeze frames), descriptive writing and diary writing. Our Geography has linked perfectly with our core reading during which we have explored Google Earth to locate the Artic and its surrounding countries, oceans and seas. The children learnt the difference between a continent and a polar region and found out about polar nights! We have begun our Science topic too - States of Matter. The children loved acting out the formation solid, liquid and gas particles. 

Take a look at our Pugs working wall so far...

Hello and welcome!


It's been a wonderful start to the new term in Riley class. 


During our first two days back at school, the children have been engaged in various activities. They have created artwork in the style of Bridget Riley, who, in her younger years was very interested in pointillism. This style of art using a method where paint is directly applied to a canvas instead of being mixed on a palette. Dots are added close together in layers so that the colours appear to blend. The children of Riley class were inspired by Bridget Riley's 'Pink Landscape' (1960) which they recreated using their own choice of colours. 


The children have been busy creating our Team Flag which contains their ideas of what makes a great team. They have presented this as their 'Jar of Strengths', considering what they can bring to a team. We have also discussed our 3 school rules of 'Ready, Respectful and Safe', considering what these words mean. On scrolls, the children wrote down how they can be ready, respectful and safe in our class and around the school. The children have thought carefully about what they would like to achieve this year and have set targets for the year ahead! 


The children have been given their reading records and have chosen a book to read. Reading is super important to us in Riley class. Here's a peek at our book corner where you can 'Get lost in a book'! 

Year 3 and 4 statutory spellings

Useful Links:


Your children may find these websites useful for practising some of the key skills they will be learning in class. 


Top Marks (Hit the Button) - a great tool for times tables! 


Maths Frame - Telling the time


Top Marks - a brilliant website full of games for Maths consolidation