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noKey Stage One Class Assemblyno



Today, Key Stage One got together and had an assembly to celebrate all that they had learnt and enjoyed so far in their Land Ahoy topic. Each child from the class had prepared, edited and rehearsed a short speech to read out to the other children in 2J and 1G.

I was extremely proud of 2/1F as they worked so hard to make their speeches exciting and interesting and every member of the class tried their best to speak clearly and loudly so that 2J and 1G could hear all about what they had learnt and enjoyed.

A big well done to you all! 

Click on the link below to see all the pictures from the Key Stage One assembly.

frown2/1F's DT challengefrown


This term our topic has been 'Land Ahoy.' I read the story of 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' to the children and set them a challenge. They had to create a pulley system to get the lunch from the little white cottage to the lighthouse. The children worked with a partner and used their enterprise skills over a few weeks to design, create, decorate and improve their pulley systems. I am so proud of all the children as they have worked hard, showed great perseverance and teamwork skills to complete their projects.

Take a look at the photos below to see the children creating their pulley systems and showing off their finished creations.

2/1F busy working with their partners decorating their pulley systems.

21F proudly showing off their finished creations

Happy Puzzle Company! no


We had a fantastic time today with the Happy Puzzle Company, we had to use our enterprise skills and our perseverance to solve the puzzles and problems. We worked in teams to solve a variety of puzzles and we were so proud when we found the solution, we clapped to show a great achievement.

Busy Problem Solving!!

World Book Day


The children all looked fantastic today dressed as one of their favourite book characters and we had lots of fun showing off our amazing costumes.

For world book day 2/1F got the chance to work with some of the children from 5O. Half of the class went to spend the day in 5O, while the rest of us waited for some visitor from 5O to come and spend the day with us. All of the children had great fun in both classrooms. In 2/1F the children worked together to complete a range of activities related to Roald Dahl and his stories. While the children in 5O worked together to complete a range of activities based around the story 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson.

Take a look at some of our pictures from the days activities and maybe see if you can guess which book characters we all are!

Enchanted Forest Trip


WOW! what an amazing start we have had to our new topic for this term. The children had a fantastic day and were not at all deterred by the tremendous amount of mud we had to squelch across (in fact I think they enjoyed that part a lot!!) We all had great fun exploring this magnificent forest and finding all the hidden surprizes around every tree, bush and corner! The children should all be very proud of themselves, they behaved beautifully and represented the school very well. It was lovely to see them all having so much fun. Take a look at the pictures below to see what we got up to and what strange and exciting things we discovered in the enchanted forest. 

Muck, Mess and Mixtures!

We have had great fun this term with our muck, mess and mixtures topic, especially the muck and mess part!! We have had lots of fun experimenting the best way to make ice cream, making playdough, mixing colours, exploring which substances produce to best bubbles and above all we have loved reading the book 'Georges Marvellous Medicine' by Roald Dahl. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this book and have carried out character descriptions, hot seating, exploring what could have made Grandma so grumpy, designing labels to sell George's medicine and best of all predicting what could have happened when George made medicine number 2!

Take a look at the pictures below to see all the fun we have had this term.

Bubble Fun!!

Making Playdough

Art Fun!

    A Magical Day!!


On Wednesday we found a new teacher in our classroom, she said her name was Miss Casandra She told us that Miss Foley had mysteriously disappeared but we think she may have turned her into a toad. She said she would be teaching us and we would all be witches and wizards for the day. So we all made sure we looked the part with hats, brooms and wizard cloaks. Miss Casandra also did not like our table names, she said they were not magical enough, so we came up with some new names for the day.


Our first magic lesson of the day was to create names for the potion ingredients that Miss Casandra had brought with her.Then we worked as a group to think of a potion that we could create and what would happen if we used that potion. We chose two of the ingredients and created a potion recipe. 


Our second magic lesson was making the potions! Miss Casandra showed us how to make our own potions. We followed our potion recipes and using ml to measure our ingredients out and poured them into a potion bottle. We then created a wicked name for our potions. 

sadAlien Crash Landing!!sad


Today something out of this world happened. This morning we were summoned to the hall for an emergency assembly. Miss Owen told us that an incident had occurred in the back of the school and she gave us the very important job of investigation this incident and writing an incident report for her. We made sure that we all used our best detective skills in order to investigate the incident scene. We made our way to the back of the school and what we found was truly extraordinary. We found pipes, silver tyres, rocks, wires all over the reception outside area. We looked at this evidence and came to the conclusion that there must have been some sort of crash. Isabella then noticed some speakers which when pressed made what we thought could be Aliens screaming. This made us think that it could be an Alien spaceship that had crashed landed. We then looked for more evidence of Aliens and we found gooey footprints which we think can only have been made by Aliens. We are not sure as yet whether the Aliens are still on Earth or whether they have gone back to space!


Our Evidence

Later on that afternoon another extraordinary event occurred. Miss Botwright came rushing into our classroom to tell us that she had nearly been hit on the head by a giant silver rock falling from the sky! With all the strange events from this mornings Alien crash site we just had to go and investigate, so we all rushed out into the playground to find out what had happened.

Sonny was the first to spot the rock and went to go and get it but when he picked it up it was ice cold! The children took the ice cold, silver balls back into class to investigate them further. In class Miss Foley could hear a strange noise coming from inside the silver ball and as we passed the ball around the class a lot of the children agreed they too could hear a strange noise. Very carefully Miss Foley opened up the silver ball and we were shocked to find two little aliens trapped inside a ball of ice. The children set off investigating how we could help to free the aliens from inside the ice balls and in the end we decided to try out two ideas. Our first idea was to put the ice ball in a bucket of hot water and the second idea was to put it by the radiator. The children then predicted which of their ideas would work best and then we set off testing our ideas to see if we were right. In the end we found out that both ideas worked but the quickest way to melt the ice was by putting it in a bucket of hot water!

Helping the Aliens

mailEnabling Enterprise Week   3.11.14mail

Wow! what an exciting first week we had to start off our new term. The children have been busy becoming entrepreneur and setting up their own businesses.

The children have worked hard in their teams all week to create their own café. Throughout the week the children have been thinking about the six challenge skills; working in a team, sharing idea, aiming high, staying positive, listening carefully and using their imagination to support them in achieving their task. At the start of the week we all found some of the challenge skills tricky but by the end of the week we had become more confident in using all six skills.

The children started the week off with a visit to a local café along the high street called 'Walnuts' where they were shown how to make smoothies and picked up lots of ideas for their own cafes. Then throughout the week the children worked in teams and used the six challenge skills to come up with a name and logo for their café, discuss what they might sell, produce questionnaires to ask potential customers their thoughts on their café, analyse the results from their questionnaires and adapted their ideas in relation to their results. We even looked at profit and produced a menu with prices for our café. Towards the end of the week we made signs and decorations and even produced a leaflet to promote our cafes. On Friday we finished the week off by setting up our cafes in the hall and selling our products to the juniors. It was a fantastic afternoon and in total all 18 cafes managed to raise an amazing £103! 

I would also like to say a massive thank you to the little Waitrose in Sidcup High Street for donating all the food the children sold in their cafes without their help we would never have been able to set up such a fantastic afternoon.

Our Visit to the Walnuts Cafe

I would also like to say a big congratulations to the Famous Firing Café who made to most profit on Friday afternoon and Harry and the Monster Café who earned the most points throughout the week for using the six challenge skills. For doing so well throughout the week these two teams will be taken for a special treat back to the Walnuts Café to have a meal and drink.

Our Teams


What a Lovely Day!smiley

The children have had a lovely day today sharing all the fun things they have learnt throughout our Dinosaur topic for this half term.

We started the morning with an assembly which we invited Miss Owen to attend and hoped to amaze her with some of our amazing 'did you know' fact cards. The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their facts with Miss Owen and she seemed very amazed by their fantastic facts!

After break we then invited some of the Reception children from Mrs Salisbury's Class to come and visit us so that we could share our dinosaur stories and fact books with them. The children were very excited to share their books with Reception and a great time was had by all. Finally to top it all off we finished the morning by watching videos of our dinosaur puppet shows. What a great morning!! 

Maddie, Billy, George, Jennifer and Isabella's Dinosaur Puppet Show

Still image for this video
As part of our dinosaur topic the children created their own dinosaur sock puppets during one of our art lessons. The children then spend a morning working in small groups to come up with their own dinosaur puppet show. They decided whether they would create a story or carry out an interview and worked together to create their scripts. The children then performed their shows to the rest of the class. It was great fun to watch and the children really enjoyed the task!
Unfortunately I was only able to upload one groups videos as the rest were to large to be uploaded onto the website.

sad Reptile Fun! sad 

On Tuesday 30th September 2/1F had an exciting morning learning about different types of reptiles and even had the chance to meet a few and hold them. The children thoroughly enjoyed the morning and learnt lots of new facts about reptiles and how they are closely related to dinosaurs.

Take a look at some of the reptiles we got to meet.


If you want to see some more photos of what we got up to on our 'meet the reptiles morning' then just click on our Gallery link below.

noHomework Challengesno


If you can't get enough of dinosaurs why not try some of these exciting dinosaur challenges at home and carry on the fun!


  • Try visiting your local library and have a go at finding some interesting non fiction books on dinosaurs to bring into school and share with your class.


  • Why not work with a grown up at home to research some interesting facts about your favourite dinosaur and then bring them into class to share what you have learnt.


We have found some fun and exciting websites for you to visit, they have some interesting facts about dinosaur and some fun games to play.

Click on the links below.


frownDinosaur Fun!

2/1F have had great fun this week learning about dinosaurs. It has been a very busy and exciting week! We have written our own captions and speech bubbles using the pictures from our dinosaur hunt and on Monday we will be writing a recount of our Dinosaur Adventure.

In Art we have been making our own dinosaur world by creating a dinosaur landscape and have used clay to create our own dinosaur models.

In Science we have had lots of fun becoming 'dinosaur dentists' and looking at the teeth of dinosaurs to help us decide if they were a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore. The children then used clay to make dinosaur jaws.

Can you remember what a carnivores teeth would look like? What would a carnivore eat?

We have also been learning about fossils in History and finding out about how fossils are formed. We have also made our own dinosaur fossils using salt dough.



laugh2/1F Dinosaur Discovery!laugh

Today 2/1F received an exciting email from the national history museum telling the children how sorry they were for cancelling their visit to the museum and that they had arranged an exciting dinosaur discovery morning for us. Emily Holiday said 'I felt very happy and excited!'


Come and have a look at what happened on our dinosaur adventure.

First we watched the power point that was sent to us by the Natural History Museum.


Then Miss Foley found our first clue under her chair. We had to follow the Tyrannosaurus Rex to find out where to go.


The Tyrannosaurus Rex led us to the school hall where we discovered lots of different dinosaur footprints. The children had lots of fun guessing which dinosaurs had made the footprints and measuring how big the footprints were. 

Next we found our second clue and we had to follow the pterodactyl which led us over to the field. Once we got to the field we found lots of dinosaurs hiding in the grass and we found some dinosaur nests with dinosaur eggs inside!

For our last clue we had to follow the diplodocus which led us to the playground. Once we got to the playground we had to find 27 bones to build the skeletons of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Stegosaurus.

smileyWhat the Children had to Saysmiley

Rocky Freeman: 'I liked it when we found the nest.'

Iona Winstone: 'I had lots of fun it made me happy.'

George Brady: 'My favourite part was finding the dinosaur eggs.'

Lennon Macleod: 'My favourite part was when I saw one of the eggs was starting to hatch.'

Isabella Nkafu: 'I liked looking for the dinosaurs because I felt like I was really hunting for real dinosaurs'

Lewis Reilly: 'I found everything exciting!'

Ayo Ajibola: 'I liked measuring the dinosaur footprints, it felt like a real dinosaur adventure!'

Kacie-Mae Tooley: 'I liked holding the dinosaur eggs.'