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Riley Year 3-4

Welcome to Riley Class !

It was wonderful to see so many of you at our

Parents Meet the Teacher meeting!

Class Teacher : Mrs Rossiter

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Rimmer

Bridget Riley

The children have already been busy learning about the artist which our class has been named after, Bridget Riley. She is famous for her special style of painting, known as optical art. Optical artists put colours, shapes and patterns together in clever ways to create an optical illusion. This can make an image look like it's moving! In class, the children have been re-creating some of her paintings. 


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 Important Information



Spellings-weekly-sent home on Friday and the children will be tested on the following Friday.

Maths and English homework-sent out on Friday and should be completed and returned for the following Tuesday (should not take longer than 30 minutes to complete.) 

Maths and English homework will usually be related to the work covered in class and should be completed neatly and in pencil, please.



In order to make good progress, children should read for at least 20 minutes every day

Books-once children finish a book, if they are reading a book where there is a quiz available on Accelerated Reader, then they should complete the quiz in school before choosing a new book. Reading books should be brought into school every day and then taken home at the end of the day.

Children should bring Reading Records in to school on Mondays for checking (your child may write their comment in the book after reading and parents should sign the books at least once a week.)


Don't forget to check how your child is doing on the Renaissance website!

Go to: 


PE is on Mondays and Wednesdays 

Swimming for Year 4 children is on Monday

(PE kit should be named and left in school). Children should have plimsoles for indoor PE and trainers for outdoor. 

Children to bring book bags in every day, please.

Topics we are covering 2019-2020

Urban Pioneers-Autumn 1

1066-Autumn 2

Misty Mountains-Spring 1

Gods and Mortals-Spring 2

Mighty Metals-Summer 1

Road Trip USA-Summer 2

Team Riley

Since we have been back at school, we have created our own 'Team Riley' flag, which includes the childrens' own ideas about the values they consider important in making our class successful this year in their friendships and in their work. 



Stretch Zone

We have also been doing some work where we have considered how we should move our thinking out of a comfort zone (where we 'coast' and find our learning pretty easy) into a 'stretch zone', so that we 'stretch' our thinking, pushing ourselves to understand or do something (challenging ourselves). The outcome being that Riley Class have each set themselves a target.

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Spring Term 1

50th Anniversary of Moon Landing

Learning this week has included some writing to celebrate the First Moon Landing 50 years ago. Team Riley worked together to write some newspaper reports, which contained lots of facts and information about this amazing event. 



Our English also included a cross-curricular link in our topic this term, Urban Pioneers. It has included creating rhyming couplets, in preparation for creating some fun RAPS next week, which they will perform to each other.



In RE, Riley Class have also been learning about why Jesus used parables in his teaching. They have retold the parable of the Good Samaritan and have considered the moral of the story (that even when we don't always agree or get along, we can still show kindness to each other).

Exciting Graffiti Art Workshop Day!


This week, Riley, Alatise and Bankcroft took part in an art graffiti workshop.

All the children were so excited and worked really hard (whilst having lots of fun, of course).

The workshop was part of their learning on urban pioneers, where they have been finding out about different forms of art, including graffiti.

They tried out their skills in blending colours and experimenting with variations in line, colour, texture and shape. 

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