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Year 5-6

                  Go Ape

   We are heading to Go Ape on Friday 23rd June and it promises to be a fantastic day!

Things to remember:



own clothes suitable for the activity and weather

lunch and a morning snack


It is probably a good idea to pop these things into a sensibly-sized backpack.

 I am so looking forward to Friday and I hope you are too!


Mrs. Leighton




                                      Newspaper Room

Last week, as part of our Enabling Enterprise project, we created our own newspapers.

It  was an incredible week to choose to do this in!


Very quickly we got busy, as we needed to research interesting stories, make decisions as to which ones to run and then put them to paper and print. We worked really hard in our teams to create articles we felt were relevant to our audience. There were so many decisions that had to be made along the way: some by our editors and some by the sub-teams.


It was an exciting week and one in which we learnt lots about current affairs.


Everyone worked really hard and should feel really proud!


It was an exciting week and one in which we learnt lots about current affairs.




Presentation from parents meeting regarding secondary transfer


       smiley If the world were a village... by David J Smith 


The world is such an amazing place, but a magnificent one riddled to its core with number.

Imagine if our world only contained one hundred people, it would be much easier to get a grip on what these figures mean for us.

 As a class, we became intrigued by the many facts and figures that affect our world on a continuous basis. We took these hard-to-imagine statistics and compared them. In groups, we worked as accurately and creatively as we could to display the data for others to enjoy.


We had fun, learnt a lot about our world and hope we helped each other discover new things.