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Malone Year 5


Look at how our wonderful allotment has developed over the term!


I have seen great teamwork from all the children, they have supported each other and some have even overcome fears.


The children have worked so hard on making sure they carefully planted the seedlings and have continued to care for them during our lunchtime rota.


We have also seen some interesting wildlife including ‘Gary’ the slow worm smiley


Freshwater theatre workshop - Friday 15th March


Inspiring Women
Led by Hera, the Greek Goddess of Women (and Marriage), this workshop introduced the children to a range inspirational women from various spheres: adventurous and pioneering women, women in the arts, women in politics and women in science.
They visited different locations and time periods, the children took part in activities to explore the lives of extraordinary women through history such as Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, Rosa Parks and Edith Cavell, we celebrated their achievements and considered how the children themselves might become inspirational people of the future!


Inspiring Women

Inspiring Women

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Rosa Parks

Inspiring Women

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Amelia Earhart

Fourth Plinth Schools Awards 2019

Each year, London students are invited to imagine what they would like to see on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square. Last year there were 3,841 entries from schools in every London borough. There was an awards ceremony for the winners at City Hall and prizes from Cass Art. The awards were presented by Heather Phillipson, this year's judge.


The competition ended on Friday 8th March and all entries from Malone class can be viewed on the website: (View the gallery  -   Select Borough -  Select School)


Good luck everyone

Spelling games!


I have found a great website that has spelling games for our current spelling rule. See link below:  


I really like the Spelling Maze Monsters game. smiley 


Malone Class, are honoured to have been chosen to start the school WE project for this year. It was wonderful to see the children so passionate and empowered that they can make a difference within their community. We spent the morning with Tracy from WE who helped us bring our ideas together. We will be sharing our action plans very soon ....

We have been reading 'Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf' by David Almond. Just like Little Ben in the story, we created our own animals and brought them to life in our English writing!

Year 5/6 Tudor Museum. A huge thank you to everyone who made something at home, together you have created a fantastic display. We are immensely proud and hope you are too.

Tudor dancing

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Malone Class have been fantastic at learning some dances from Tudor times and have shown great team work. The next step is to see if we can use the dances we have learnt and bring them up to date with a modern song.


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Good evening!


We have had a fab week this week! So many amazing things have been learnt but most exciting (according to the children) was having our visitors from Northern Trust bank. Northern Trust bank came to teach us about money- how to save, spend and invest...lots of us had very different ideas as to how best to use our was such fun!

Please ask the children about it as they had such a blast and all made such unique choices...


Have a brilliant week!

Best Wishes

Mrs Bourne :)

Enabling Enterprise week - Active minds

Welcome to Malone Class


Kate Malone is a London based pottery artist. Her pots take on the forms of vessels and although her works look as though they should function, that is not their prime motivation for Malone sees herself as a ‘maker of decorative objects’. Malone has been a judge on the BBC2 programme The Great Pottery Throw Down.



Topics for this year ...


Off with her Head

Ola Mexico



Fun at the Fair