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Britto Year 5-6

Home Learning Year 5 and 6 overview and fun activities. Details of Maths, English and SPaG activities for both years 5 and 6 on second page of document.

Please enjoy working with the fun learning activities in the boxed grid. 

You should aim to complete at least five of these activities- perhaps you might enjoy doing more. You might enjoy doing one a day even.

Get busy being creative, working independently and resourcefully and learning as you go. 

Please work with materials that you have at home- we do not wish for anyone to be travelling to get materials at this time. 

Record your thoughts, designs, plans, ideas, graphs, photos and anything else you feel has been important in your learning process in your homework journals and books. Have fun learning!


Do not forget to be busy reading! This is a great time to get stuck into a good book.


A warm welcome back to the start of a new school year. We have lots of exciting things planned and are looking forward to sharing these times and experiences with you. Hopefully, you have had a lovely summer and are feeling rested and refreshed, ready to enjoy all that this year will bring along.




        A Head's Up-Trip to The British Museum


We are kickstarting our year with a visit to The British Museum to learn more about the mummification process that was used many moons ago in Ancient Egypt. This must surely give you a very big clue as to what our topic will be this half term, yes, it is all about Ancient Egypt- Pharaohs. Britto is heading to the museum next Friday, 13th September, and this no doubt will be a fantastic experience for everyone. You will be finding out more about this as the week goes on.

                          Acts of Kindness


We enjoyed thinking about ways we could show kindness to others.

There were lots of ideas floating around in Britto but after much discussion we landed on the idea of posting everyone a little note to say how much we valued them.  So with that in mind, we got busy on a Wednesday lunchtime and made sure there was a note waiting for everyone once they got back from break.

We really hope that this helped make an ordinary Wednesday into a special one, but more importantly, we hope everyone knows how much they mean to us.




Construction Counts

   This term, we will be using and working to develop our enterprise skills. We are exploring a project by the name of Construction Counts. We are working in teams and in doing so encouraging each other to aim high and achieve as much as possible. Each week, we will look at another aspect together and help each other to develop our skills further and also the importance of applying these in new and diverse  situations.


Looking forward to seeing the end results!

                                 Christmas is Coming


This is a really special time of year and it won't be long until the Christmas break is here. We hope you are enjoying the run-up to Christmas with all the lights, decoration making and preparations that are going on. This is a lovely time of year to snuggle in and be at home with everyone. It is a great time of year to loose yourself in a really good book- in fact, my favourite time to do so. We hope that over the Christmas holiday you can find time to do just that.

There are amazing books out there that can take you on a journey and the wonderful thing about reading is that it becomes your journey with your imaginings of how things are. 


So, get reading this season and enjoy!

                                  A Warm Welcome Back


Welcome back to a new year and exciting spring term. We would like to wish everyone a happy new year and we hope that it is one full of good things for you and your families.


Mr king, Mrs Leighton and Ms Wright







                                          Get Cooking                    30.1.2020


We have asked the children to get busy in the kitchen for home learning this week. Obviously, they may need a little help and supervision with this. Perhaps they could help make their lunch or bake a cake. We hope that this will prove to be a fun activity and are looking forward to reading the recipes for their wonderful creations.