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Kahlo Year 3-4

Welcome to Kahlo Class


Class Teacher: Mrs Rossiter

TA: Mrs Grover

The children have made a great start and we are all getting to know each other.

Here's a little information for you: 

Key Information:

  • Children are expected to bring in their reading books and Reading Records every day.
  • Reading books can be changed once children have read them. They are expected to complete a reading quiz on Accelerated Reader every time they finish a book: AR Quizzes:
  • Children need to read for at least 20 minutes each day.
  • Swimming for Year 4s is on Mondays. Children need to come to school dressed in their uniform along with a swimming costume, goggles (if required) and a towel.
  • Homework (English, Maths, Spellings, Times Table) will go out on a Friday. English and Maths is due back on the following Wednesday . Homework will be uploaded onto Google Classroom and should be completed in the Homework Books.
  • Spelling and times tables test will be on Fridays.
  • Spelling practise- spellings are on Ed Shed (logins provided)
  • Times Tables Rock Stars ( should be used to practise for Times Tables tests. Children in years 3 and 4 are expected to learn Times Tables up to x12, and they will be tested randomly on all Tables each week.

Kahlo dolls by Kahlo Class!!!!

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

The children began our core book by learning about Edward’s home and what life was like before his adventures began.

They have been busy writing diary extracts in role as Edward, written a script for the characters, and created a letter to summarise the events.

They have remained excited throughout and have been so enthusiastic about what will happen to Edward next as he travels from place to place.


As part of our studies, the children explored the key geographical similarities and differences between the UK and the USA, identifying areas on maps and making comparisons between areas.


Science has been very exciting too...learning about forces. The children have found out about friction and have carried out a fair test to examine force and friction. They have also discovered that some forces need contact between two objects, but magnetic forces can act at a distance, and that gravity and magnetism can act without contact.

They have gone on to explore the poles on magnets and learnt about compasses.


In DT we looked at pneumatic systems in toys and the children have designed and made their own.


Skills Builder

What an exciting Skills Builder Week!

The children have been working hard on their skills...teamwork, aiming high, creativity and listening whilst exploring Fabulous Fashions.

The children have been learning all about the fashion industry, fashion trends, marketing and catwalks.

The children designed 'new' items of clothing...up cycled garments (all based around a theme).

They then got to work with different materials to make the changes. 


The children then wrote a narrative for the catwalk performance.

They made posters and leaflets for their upcoming event and performed to each other.

The 'catwalk'

We spent some time practising how to show off the 'new' items of clothing on the catwalk.

Using their new skills and performing to Madonna's 'Vogue', the children in LKS2 got together, parading their clothes.

Coronation Celebrations

The sun shone brightly and the music played loudly as we celebrated the upcoming coronation with a small picnic outside, followed by delicious ice-creams.

Sidcup Library Visit

Kahlo Class walked up to Sidcup Library to do some investigating.

They found out that they can join the library for free, they can take out 12 books at one time and that they can borrow the books for three weeks.

They had a good look around at the books within the children's section (which contained fiction and non-fiction). They all got to choose a book which they brought back to school to read.

The library contained lots of up to date books which the children were very excited about.

We hope that they will all join the library to help them as they enjoy reading so much!   

Escape from Pompeii



Curse Tablets

As part of the children's learning on curse tablets, they moulded clay, translated their curses into Latin and engraved them onto the clay. These will be glazed and go into our Roman display.

Our Roman Visitor

The Romans is our theme for our Core Book this term.

We started by having a Roman visitor in school. The children all had a wonderful day as they played games, learnt about the gods, Roman food, daily life (with hands on exploring), the army, a Roman funeral, and weapons, which was another hands on experience. The children were all extremely excited. They gained so much knowledge which they will use and add to the rest of their learning this term.

Spring 2 The Tin Forest

The children have learnt how it is possible to infer information and make predictions from looking closely at the illustrations within a book.

They have created poetry based on a comparison of dreams and reality, have used 'hot seating' to study a character, and have used the answers from this to write a diary entry for the character. 

Dream Jars have been created by the children to illustrate a prediction of the old man's dreams.


Celebration of the festival of colours

Kahlo Class learnt about the significance and origins of this Hindu festival through the story of Holika and Prahad, understanding what the colours represent, making a colourful 'Holi Pole', and through dance and poetry.  

World Book Day 

Creating poetry around George's Marvellous Medicine

Spring 1 Core Book:

The Firework-Maker's Daughter

by Philip Pullman

Jade 'artefacts'

As part of our learning about the Shang Dynasty, the children sculpted an ornament inspired by the Shang Dynasty. This particular ornament (artefact) is known as a cong. 

During the Shang Dynasty period, many ornaments and much jewellery was made from jade, a mineral. The children went on to paint their ornaments to look like jade. 

Check out our Batik-Paintings!


Number Day

Maths Book-How Many Jelly Beans?:

A Giant Book of Giant Numbers:

by Andrea Menotti

The children had a fabulous day!!!

Our day started with a reading of How Many Jelly Beans?


The children went on to complete a carousel of activities:

Table One: Calendar activity (problem solving using 1000/2000 jelly beans (coloured counters).

Key question: If you had 1000 (2000) jelly beans, how many would you have to eat every day if you had at least one?


Table Two: Jelly bean graphs...for each number of the colours.


Table Three: Fractions of jelly beans.


Table Four: Guess how many jelly beans I have.


Table Five: Art/draw a 3/4 digit number.




Autumn Term 2

Core Book: African Tales by Gcina Mhlophe

African Activities

This term, through our core Power of Reading book, African Tales, Kahlo Class have been learning a great deal about the geography and culture of the African people. This week, as part of their learning, the children had a cultural visit from the African Activities company, which the children thoroughly enjoyed. During the visit, the children heard stories told by Kwame. He talked about his life in Ghana and when he first came to live in different he found it life in England. Kwame also taught them some African dance moves and talked about the instruments that he makes and plays.

Kindness Week

During the week, Kahlo Class wrote beautiful kindness stories and poems for the residents at Northbourne Care Home.

A few days later, we took them along to the care home and presented the writing to the residents there.

Some of the children read out their wonderful stories and poems and the residents told them how lovely their ideas were.

Our visit ended with a happy sing a long together.

The residents and carers enjoyed it so much that the care home have invited us to return!!

Natwest Money Sense Workshop-

Fraud Scene Investigators


Kahlo Class were very excited to take part in this workshop.

The workshop presented a crime scene where the children were set a task where they had to help a victim solve a fraud that had been committed against them. They enjoyed this activity so much!

They worked in teams exploring six exhibits placed around the room and they collected evidence in order to determine how the identity theft and fraud happened.  


Skills Builder Week

The children began the week playing and exploring board games, with the intention of making their own.

In groups, they discussed number games and put all of their ideas together. 

They made up rules for the game, then put together a prototype to test it out before finally working together to make all of the parts.

They were all very proud of what they had accomplished. 

Autumn Term 1

Core Book: The Pebble in my Pocket

Author: Meredith Hooper

Core Book: Ug

Author: Raymond Briggs

Stone Age Day!!

Avery exciting day for years 3 and 4!

We dressed up in our finest Stone Age attire and had a wonderful time learning more about how the Stone Age people lived.

We built on our learning about what the Stone Age people ate, their weapons and tools and how they hunted and gathered, and how they communicated through their cave art.

The children used their skills and imagination to recreate axes and spears using suitable materials available to us.