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Da Vinci Reception

Welcome to Da Vinci Class!


"Play is a child's work." Jean Piaget



We were inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci an amazing artist, scientist and sculptor. We looked at the famous portrait of The Mona Lisa and then created our own self-portraits.

Useful Information


Our PE Days will be Tuesdays and Fridays, your child can leave their PE kit on their peg and we will send it home at the end of each half term.


We will be doing Forest School activities every Friday, please bring wellies that are named and can be left at school.

Designing and decorating gingerbread people.

We practiced our relay races in PE this week and made up our own obstacle races. We had to work in teams and share ideas. Make sure you practice hopping at home!

WE walk for water! Well done everybody, all together Longlands children walked for 4.4 miles! Remember to bring your sponsorship forms and money next week.

Picnic at Forest School

We made dinosaurs using clay, they look amazing and you can see them at parents evening. The children worked really hard to create either a Stegosaurus or a Brachiosaurus and they used slurry (a mixture of clay and water) to stick all the parts together.

We have been using cubes and rulers to measure dinosaur bones and dinosaurs. We have been using size words like longer, shorter, taller, smaller to compare objects.

Dinosaur Fun! We have been using dinosaurs to help us with doubling numbers; we looked in mirrors and counted how many dinosaurs we could see altogether. We put the same number of dinosaurs in 2 hoops and counted the total. We have been learning about herbivores and carnivores and we think we know why the herbivores walked on 4 legs and the carnivores on 2. We pretended to be paleontologists and discovered some dinosaur bones in the sand. This week we have even been learning about adjectives and we used them in sentences to describe different dinosaurs!

We have been learning about Chinese New Year. We ordered the zodiac animals and wrote the story, we made fans, we made dragons and created a dragon dance and we shared all our amazing homework so we could learn more about how people celebrate.

Wonderful writing!

We had a wonderful trip to Hall Place today. The children behaved impeccably and had opportunities to explore lots of different role play situations. There was a shop, a florists, a doctors surgery, a beauty salon, a building site, a police station, and a theater. What would you like to be when you grow up and where would you like to work?

Christmas Party...thank you everyone for your donations. The children had a great time.

Cutting Fudge and Button's claws!

Superstar! Well done everyone for your fantastic performance in our play. You are all amazing.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

We made all the planets in our solar system, we learnt that the ones closer to the sun are hotter and the ones further away are colder. We found out that all the planets orbit around the sun and that the sun is a giant star! Which planets can you remember? Do you remember the order of the planets and why we wouldn't be able to live on any of them except for Earth?

We learned that everybody believes in different things and celebrates festivals in different ways but that there are lots of similarities between religions. Hindu and Sikh people celebrate Diwali 'The Festival of Lights' We found out that they celebrate an old story of Rama and Sita and of good winning over evil. We made rangoli patterns like the Hindu and Sikh people do to welcome people into their homes and we made diva lamps using clay.

We have been learning to use comparative language when talking about size, capacity and weight. We carried out an investigation into the weight of different objects and recorded our results. We also worked out how many owls could fit on each 'branch' and discussed why some branches had space for more or less owls than others.

We went to the field to run around with our superhero capes on our back! (Bobby)

Enabling Enterprise...designing and creating superhero capes!