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Team Kusama


Miss Laughland (Monday-Wednesday)

Mrs Harris (Thursday-Friday)



Mrs Sverson (Wednesdays)

Mrs Hill (Mornings)

Mrs Davies (Afternoons)


Welcome to TEAM KUSAMA!

We are all very excited to be back at school and what better way than to 'kick off' the school year with lots of art and getting to know you based activities.

During our first few days we created paintings, stain glass windows, rockets and lots more! The children have been brilliant and have been earning themselves lots of House points and raffle tickets, so many prizes to be won! We look forward to seeing you next week on Thursday 18th September for our Meet the Teacher session.

Class information:

PE is on Mondays and Fridays.

Spellings are given out on Wednesdays and tested on Mondays.

Homework is given on Wednesdays and due back on Mondays.

Reading books are changed (if needed) on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays.



Mathematics Mastery Vocabulary List

Some of our class dispalys we have made...

Super Learners make Superheroes!!

Last week the children created Vegetable Superheroes, just look at what was created!

Some looked super glamorous as well as super strong, what a tremendous combination!

The children also spent time thinking about what their super hero is called and the things they might say, watch this space for the posters! smileyyesheart

laughWhat's in store this week? laugh

Week commencing, Monday 23rd September:


We will continue to work on our super heroes, discussing their adventures, features and destinations! Children enjoyed their superhero walk and came up with lots of hiding places for them, from under a van to down a chimney-the ideas just kept flowing and flying yes! We even thought about the transport they might this space for some of their writing next week...surprise


We have one of our local super heroes coming in, Mr T Parsons from Christ Church in Sidcup! He will be with us to answer the children's questions about Christianity. enlightened


Children will be testing their own 'super powers' with the science tasting lesson using only their sense of smell and taste...then with no smell, only taste! Who has the strongest hooter cheeky!?


Enjoy your week our lovely parents and remember, any questions please ask! We are here for you and your children. heart


Oh yes....please also see the PowerPoint above for the information covered in our meet the teacher last week....angel


'Will it ever be possible to be invisible?'


Over the year our school will be encouraging children to think scientifically, our first question this academic year is the above!enlightenedenlightenedenlightenedlaughcoolsmiley

Feel free to answer this with your children, through posters, presentations, which ever way you like! We would love to hear their thoughts on the matter!

Maths Alert!! coolcoolcheekycheekyheartheart

Try this with your children!


Mr Tom Parsons came in to inspire us all!

Here is Tom Parsons answering the children's MANY questions about Christianity! They had so many questions and Mr Parsons was only to happy to answer to them. A lovely afternoon, ask your children to find out more about it!laugh

UPDATE: Saturday 28th September, What a Week!laugh

Have a look at some of things we got up to...


Each week two children are chosen for to do Show and Tell. This happens on a Friday. This week we had Maddie and Harley...heart

Show and Tell children for next week, Friday 4th October 2019.angel

  • Ruby 
  • Fred
FOOD TASTING...We had a great Friday afternoon where the children had to guess the food they were eating (whilst being blind folded!) and then sort it into categories...The raddish and lemon caused some of the children's faces to  blush scrunch up cheeky....


 In English children spent time using adjectives to describe their terrifying villains. They then created a wanted poster to help us find them! Children used their dramatic and expressive voices to read out the descriptions on the microphone! Such Fun!!!cheekycheeky 

Unfortunately we didn't have our usual Friday Assembly but we wanted to give these awards out anyway as these children had worked so hard to achieve them! Well done Ruby and Fraser smileysmileysmileysmiley!!

Week Commencing 30/9/19...

What has been happening in Team Kusama??

A great week, have a look at a few things the children got up to...laugh​​​​​​​ 


ENGLISH! We adore English in our class so when it comes to using the MIC and playing a verb game, we are all over it our best!!

MATHS!! A team 'get together' as we work together to solve some challenging maths questions, we just love to PUSH ourselves in our class!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?'s Team Kusama in superhero form! Children mapped our their superhero routes in PE and struck a pose to show they 'are here to save the day!' Seriously, we have totally 'got' this superhero thing down to a 'T'...LOOK!

Show and Tell. We had Ruby and Fred tell us lots in our Show and Tell session, thank you!

Show and Tell for next week is, 11th October:

  • Thomas
  • Gracie

Stars of the Week!! Well done Finley and Amelie!!!!!

TT Rockstars!!! The children looked incredible and we enjoyed dancing and singling along to 'We will Rock you' in assembly! The children were dedicated rockstars as they 'rocked on' with their learning throughout the day!


Team Kusama have decided that we would like to have two furry friends as part of our team, two mini flop rabbits.

We are hoping to introduce them into our class within the next couple of weeks! Children will get the opportunity to name them and they will be very much part of our team! We look forward to introducing this space and have carrots at the ready!!! laugh

In the mean time...have a 'buntastic' weekend yes........

Bunny Update2:

Here are our two new members of Longlands. Mrs Harris was lucky enough to visit them in Essex on Saturday and spent the afternoon telling them all about the children in Team Kusama. The sisters are from a rescue centre and are 4 years old. They will be the Reading Rabbits for our school...They are both having their checks at the vets before coming to our school, hopefully by the end of this week. angelyesheart

More info to come....

cheekyTime flies!!cheeky

Monday 25th November 2019


It's November, it's nearly Christmas! The children have been practising lots and lots and jelly tots for the Nativity!  The tunes are fabulous, they will deffo have you wiggling in your seat, nodding your head and tapping your feet! laugh


The week before last we celebrated kindness week, the children had so many wonderful ideas to discuss and put forward to make our community a happier and kinder place. Children created a kindness box in the classroom and left kind notes to each other, there were so really lovely ones, we just have to share them:


heart"You matter..."

heart"Make each day count."

heart"The world is a happier place when you smile."

heart"A smile can go a long way."

heart"If you see someone alone, give them a hug or a smile"


The children wanted to leave kindness notes at Christ Church in Sidcup, the children have really enjoyed visiting the church regularly this year and thought it would be a nice way to share their thoughts and feelings and make others feel good. We walked together last week and children left their 'kindness letters' on the pews for others to find. We have encouraged the people of find them to pass them on to others...some of the children are hoping they will end up all over the country and even in other countries! We all agreed that no matter how small, an act of kindness can go along way!


With this in mind we are continuing to work together as a team to create our show! Let the rehearsals continue!! angelyes


Other Notices:

Show and Tell for 29/11/19- Atharv and Erin

Costumes- due 2/12/19

Reading Records- Due daily, books changed Tuesdays and Thursdays- remember to keep recording your reading EVERYDAY heart.

Thank you to all of the parents who came to the Accelerated Reader Meeting.


Have a great week!enlightened


Christmas count down is on!

Children are practising for the show and it is taking shape!

Don't forget:

Christmas writing competition, get writing and hand them in!

Costumes are coming in, super!

Reading EVERY DAY..

Show and tell 6/12/19- Erin, Arthur and Samuel

Welcome Back! 16/1/20

Happy New Year to you all!


We have had a super start to the year, we were lucky enough to visit Howletts on Wednesday last week!


We had a great time, take a look at some of our pictures laugh

Bird Spotting anyone?? laugh

We had great fun feeding/spotting different bird types last Thursday 6th February, take a look: