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Welcome to Mitchell Class!


Teacher: Miss Brook

TAs: Mrs Bennett / Miss Harris / Mrs Peden / Mrs Svensen

Hi Mitchell Class!


I hope you all had a lovely Easter and enjoyed spending time with your family. I hope lots of you played outside or went on long walks to enjoy the sunshine too! 


I'm looking forward to start teaching via Google Classroom on Monday - remember you are starting new learning and I am still teaching, it is just in a new and different way. I hope you're all up for the challenge! 


Before we start I have found some pictures and ideas for you to try :)


Miss you lots! Love Miss Brook

Hello Mitchell class,

I hope you're all well and keeping safe at home! I just wanted to say that I miss all of your smiling faces everyday but I hope you're working hard and getting through the learning pack I sent home for you! I also hope you're getting a chance to send some time with your family.


I have found some new links for you to explore 


- David Walliams is reading one of his stories everyday at 11 on his website ( - scroll down until you see it say Elevenses. They stay up there so if you miss it you can listen to it later in the day)


- Theo Michaels is doing live cooking at 4pm on Monday and Wednesday ( They are also available on youtube after.


- Rob Biddulph is doing live drawing classes at 10am every Tuesday and Thursday ( They are saved on his channel if you want to learn to draw. 


- Carol Vorderman has made her maths school free (


- Oliver Jeffers has uploaded him reading some of his books onto his website (


Have fun, work hard, stay safe! I can't wait for all of us to be back in the classroom!


Love Miss Brook smiley


Other Useful Information

Important Information


Please can children bring in book bags everyday. 


Reading books will be changed on a Tuesday and a Thursday. The children will be choosing their own books from the boxes or the library. 


PE is on a Monday and Wednesday. After half term, it will be on a Monday and Friday.  


Homework (Literacy, Maths, Spellings, Times Tables / Number bonds) will go out on a Wednesday and is due back on the following Monday. Spelling, times tables / number bonds test will be on Monday. 

Mathematics Mastery Vocabulary List

Sports Relief 2020

World Book Day

Carnival Floats and Headdresses

Safer Internet Day

As part of Safer Internet Day, we learnt all about the information we can and can’t share with others online. We discussed why we shouldn’t share personal information and how it can be dangerous.

We also spoke about the internet reflecting what we like and how we all have an online identity. We created a poster to show what we like, both online and offline and then linked it to what we can and can’t share online.

7th February 2020

NSPCC Number Day


Today was a huge success! I loved seeing the children coming in with their costumes and number themed outfits on.


We started the day with an assembly to learn about the NSPCC and why we dressed up to raise money. After, we started using our mathematical knowledge to bake shortbread. We had to weigh out the ingredients, take turns and count how many biscuits we made, so that they could be shared equally. We enjoyed this part of the day the best as it was so much fun cooking with everyone. 


We then spent the rest of the day doing other mathematical activities, such as dominoes, the magic cauldron game, shape riddles and pick three. 


Number Day

Bird Watching

Skills Builder Challenge Day - 31st January 2020

Today we became greeting card designers. We were set the challenge to explore the world of entrepreneurship by researching, designing, making a set of greetings cards.


The day started with an assembly to introduce the challenge to the whole school. We learnt about why we send greeting cards and who we might send them to. Over the course of the challenge, we need to apply all eight essential skills as we consider: How can we help people celebrate events?


After assembly we got into groups and decided on a team name. we then had two mini challenges to practise our listening skills and our team work skills. Then we had to work as a team to decide on a theme for the card. There were lots of choices but all the groups chose either Valentines, Christmas or Birthday cards. We then individually designed cards, thinking about what needs to be included. We even learnt how to make a pop-up card!

We discussed our cards and complimented each other, deciding on one element from each card to include on the final design. We then had to make four or five identical cards in our group. Leadership was a big part of the day, making sure we were supporting, encouraging and motivating each other and checking in with how others were feeling as the challenges were given.

Howletts Animal Park



Wow, what a fantastic trip to Howletts yesterday! The children behaved beautifully and were a fantastic representative for Longlands. As we wandered around we saw lots of different and exciting animals. A few of them we had to try really hard to spot as they are camouflaged into their enclosures! We saw two different tigers, a lion, some gorillas who were being told off by each other and making lots of noise and a very cute baby elephant who was about five weeks old! 


We are looking forward to using this information to start our new topic, 'Paws, claws and whiskers'. We would just like to say a massive thank you to all the helpers on the trip as it couldn't be done without you!  


Happy New Year!


Welcome back to the spring term at Longlands!


I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. I'd like to thank you for all the lovely presents you kindly gave the adults for Christmas, it was very generous and thoughtful. 


This term we are looking forward to our new topic, 'Paws, Claws and Whiskers'. Wednesday is the school trip to Howletts which is very exciting, fingers crossed for a sunny day! 

Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas Dinner

A polite reminder


Please can I remind all parents that book bags and reading records need to be in school everyday.


Reading records will be signed every Tuesday and Thursday.


Homework is due in on Monday (spellings, times tables, English and maths).


Thank you.

It's Cool to be Kind Week



As part of 'It's Cool to be Kind Week', Mitchell class thought about how we could help and be kind to people in our local community. We came up with the idea of taking biscuits to the local fire station to say thank you to everyone who works there for the hard work they do to keep us safe. 

The fire station were very surprised and loved getting all the lovely donations (thank you parents!) They were very welcoming and even set up the hoses for the children to have a go with, which they absolutely loved! They were given a tour of the fire engine and heard the sirens! It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon spreading kindness to other people and seeing the children having a good time doing it! 


A prickly visitor!


We were very lucky today as Mrs Davies brought in her hedgehog to show Mitchell class. The children were allowed a close look while Mrs Davies was holding her and then asked some questions. They were very inquisitive which was lovely to see!

Rock star Day!


The children looked fantastic for the launch of Times Tables Rock Stars! Thank you for all the efforts made with the outfits. The day started with a fantastic rock themed Golden Assembly, with the whole school singing 'We Will Rock You'. I hope the Year 2s enjoy playing TTRS at home as it is a fun and interactive way to learn their times tables. 

23rd September



Today the children came into the classroom and gasped in surprise. The classroom had been wrecked over night. They had to become detectives to find clues as to who the trouble maker was. Some of the clues included whiteboards saying 'Evil pea rules' and Mwah ha ha'. There were vegetables taped up, Broccoli had been drawn on and the tomatoes were being made the walk the plank! Team Mitchell decided that Evil Pea came into the classroom while all their superheroes were asleep and caused the chaos! They decided that they wanted to catch Evil Pea and explain the Golden Rules to him so he knows how to behave at Longlands! 

19th September - Geography


Today the children went on a walk around the local area. They were looking for clues or any hiding places as to where Evil Pea might be. The children found all sorts of different places, including in the post box, a hole in the floor, grass, flower pots and even on the bus! 


It was great to explore the area and to see the children so engaged with their learning!

17th September

English - Vegetable Superheroes!


Following on from Supertato and The Evil Pea, the children have been busy creating their own vegetable superhero. They worked in partners and used different materials to create arms, masks, capes and costumes for their heroes. They look absolutely fantastic! 


11th September 



Today we were learning about different parts of the human body. The children started by singing heads, shoulders, knees and toes. They then had to guess what our lesson was on. The children got into their groups and were able to draw around someone on the playground. They had to show Miss Brook what they knew about the different parts by labelling them. It was great fun to watch the children interacting and bringing the science to life by linking it to themselves! 

4th - 6th September

Art Week


This week was art week and the children created many masterpieces! There was a focus on the artist who the class is named after (Joan Mitchell) who was an expressionist and abstract artist. The children created their own versions using different painting techniques. They then used these as a background to create an all about me display which is outside the classroom. For this they had to pose for a picture! 


There was also a focus on the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. For this, the children learnt some facts and wrote them down. They then used papier mache to cover a balloon and turn it into a moon. They then painted them grey and these have been used to help create a whole school display in the corridor. 


The children then created a self-portrait on a paper plate. These gorgeous paintings greet them every day as they enter the classroom! 


We had great fun, as you can see from some of the photos and it was lovely getting to know all the children's different personalities! 

Art Week