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Teacher: Miss Brook

TAs: Mrs Bourne

Important Information

Please can children bring in book bags everyday. 


Reading books will be changed on a Tuesday and a Thursday. The children will be choosing their own books from the boxes or the library. 


PE is on a Wednesday and Friday. 


Homework (Literacy, Maths, Spellings, Times Tables / Number bonds) will go out on a Wednesday and is due back on the following Monday. Spelling, times tables / number bonds test will be on Monday. 

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Groombridge Place

12th July 2019

Enabling Enterprise Challenge Day


Today we accepted a challenge from the Enabling Enterprise team. We had to work together to create a creative space. We started off the day with an assembly to introduce the challenge. We then had to pick a team name and decide where our space could go. We had to decide whether a woodland or an open, grassy space would be best and why. We then worked in pairs to design a space, thinking about the different areas that might appear in a creative space. We thought of a cinema, an art gallery, a dance studio, a greenhouse, a lake, a lounge and several other ideas. The key part was that it had to link to the natural environment in some way. They could use trees inside, or have a garden. One group even thought of creating a grass roof! The children then were set the task to build a model of their space using different materials. They did a fantastic job and have had a lovely day, developing skills such as team work, listening, imagination and staying positive!

Enabling Enterprise Challenge Day

A message to parents:


As part of the summer fete (29th June) this year each class will be having their own stall. Mitchell class are running the 'How many sweets are in the jar?' stall. 


I would love to have some children (and adults) to help run the stall on the day. If anyone would like to volunteer, please come and speak to me. We will be collecting contributions to the stall (jars, sweets, posters) after half term. 


Thank you smiley

Miss Brook

14th June 2019

Woodland Crowns


The children had a lovely afternoon designing and making their woodland crowns. They had to use twigs and sticks to make the base, which they then decorated with leaves or flowers. The crowns look amazing and are a wonderful addition to the classroom! 


Thank you for all the donations!


Woodland Crowns

6th June 2019 - Boggarts!


As part of our topic, ‘Enchanted Woodland’, we used the natural resources to create boggarts! We started the afternoon by discussing why trees are important. We went and hugged a tree, smelt and felt the bark and discussed our ideas and feelings. We did a tree rubbing to see the different textures of tree bark. Then, in a group, the children found a space on a tree and created a face in the clay, using natural resources, such as bark, flowers, leaves and moss. It was a wonderful afternoon and the children created lovely boggarts to put on the trees!


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Pirate Day - 24th May 2019


To celebrate the end of our 'Land Ahoy' topic Marc, Mitchell and Kusama, resplendent in pirate attire, enjoyed a day of fun activities. 


The children created messages to put in a bottle, walked the plank and found treasure on a pirate map. They then played 'collect the treasure' PE games. We finished the day with a suitably themed film, The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists! 


We'd like to thank you all for the effort made with the children's costumes - they all looked amazing! 

Mitchell Class Walk the Plank!

Pirate Day - Marc, Mitchell and Kusama



Thursday 7th March - World Book Day!

Wow what fantastic costumes the children wore to celebrate World Book Day, they all look fantastic - thank you to everyone for making such a big effort! 

We started WBD off by taking photos of everyone and explained which book character we were. We then discussed some of the books that the children are able to buy using their voucher. The children then spoke to a partner about their favourite book and why. 

We swapped with Britto class to complete some WDB activities. The children who stayed with Miss Brook listened to 'The Tiger who Came to Tea'. we discussed what happened and what the children would do if a tiger turned up at their door. They then worked with children from Britto class to create a storyboard of the tiger's next adventure. They all worked really hard and created fantastic work! 

Those that went up to Britto worked on Babayaga. They created collages to show what they thought she would look like and described her using interesting language.

I’d also like to thank everyone who made a ‘Book in a Jar’. They’re all wonderful. We are looking forward to guessing the book tomorrow and then they will be displayed in the library for other children to guess the book.

Monday 4th March and Tuesday 5th March

A dramatic event took place at Longlands Primary School this morning. In the quiet area of the playground, there appeared to be an alien crash scene. There was a broken rocket, alien footprints and other weird and wonderful clues. The KS1 teachers were called out of assembly to assess the unusual debris that was left behind. The children became detectives to suggest who, what, why and how the wreckage came to be in the playground. Just WHO or WHAT might have landed there?


We used hot seating to discuss and develop ideas linked the crash site. The children were encouraged to use descriptive language, especially expanded noun phrases. We then created a class word bank, to help with the children’s incident reports. We focused on using our sounds to help with spelling unknown words and increasing our accuracy with the high frequency and common exception words.

Crash Site

27.2.19 - Bubbles!


We had a lovely afternoon out in the sunshine today! We were investigating the shape of bubbles and whether the shape can be changed by using different bubble wands. We started by making a round bubble wand using a pipe cleaner, which produced spherical bubbles. We then changed the shape of the wand and found out that the bubbles were still spherical. We saw larger bubbles, that started off elongated as we blew but as soon as the bubble was completed it turned into a sphere! 

KS1 Art Gallery - Thank you so much for coming!

KS1’s Muck, Mess and Mixtures Art Gallery

On Wednesday, 13th February, KS1 had the pleasure to welcome parents and carers to our amazing gallery experience. The exhibition was the chance to celebrate all the hard work and achievements at the end of our ‘Muck, Mess and Mixtures’ topic.

The art on display included collages which were a representation of the recipes for our own marvellous medicines. There were also some fantastic bubble art paintings to liven the senses. The children were encouraged to act as guides and talk about the inspiration and media used for their wonderful creations with the visitors. I'd like to say thank you to everyone who came to look at the children's work, the children loved having you in! 


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NSPCC Number Day - 1st February 2019


Wow! The children all looked fantastic in their mathematical themed outfits! A big thank you to the parents! The children spent the day creating posters about maths in the real world. They read some information and pulled out the key fact. Did you know that bees use hexagons in their hives? The children then used their presenting skills to share the facts they had learnt with the rest of the class. Well done Mitchell class for a wonderful number day! 

NSPCC Number Day!

We had a lovely afternoon at our Christmas party today! The children all looked lovely in their party outfits and danced their hearts out! We all had a fantastic time with the rest of KS1!


The staff in Mitchell class would like to say a massive thank you for our lovely gifts and cards. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful break!

Christmas Party!

Class photo - Nativity



The Natural History Museum


We had a fantastic day exploring The Natural History Museum. We started off the adventure by visiting the dinosaur exhibition. We were greeted with a life-size model of a T-Rex, roaring and moving. We were all amazed by the size of the dinosaur. We carried on and saw lots of fossils and models of different dinosaurs, including lots of facts and questions. One fact we learnt is that no-one knows whether dinosaurs were cold or warm-blooded. 


After the dinosaur exhibition we walked along to the marine fossil exhibition. We saw some of the fossils that Mary Anning found and this brought our learning to life. We measured one fossil using the children to see how long it was and we even saw Mary Anning! 


We also visited the blue whale. While we were in the exhibition, we were able to speak to some of the volunteers of the museum and learnt some more about fossils and sea creatures. We then visited the volcano and earthquake section, as this links to some of the learning about how dinosaurs may have become extinct. We all experienced an earthquake, which was scary! 


Overall, the children were excellently behaved and made me and the school very proud! Mitchell class would like to say a massive thank you to all the parents who kindly accompanied us on the trip! We had such a fantastic and enjoyable trip. Charlie described it as the best school trip ever!

The Natural History Museum

Tuesday 6th November 2018
Grant Koper's Story Telling!


KS1 were delighted to be visited by children’s author Grant Koper today! Grant gave an inspiring reading of his playful story, 'The Day Granny's Knickers Blew Away!' which told the tale of how one day Granny Moon's knickers blew off the washing line and became part of an exciting and unexpected adventure!

After his story, Grant invited the children to ask questions. Children raised hands to ask questions such as ‘How long did it take to write the story?’, ‘How did you think of the story?’ and ‘What will your next story be about?’. Finally, Grant gifted each child with a souvenir certificate to certify they had attended his story telling!


KS1 would like to say a big thank you to Grant Koper for visiting Longlands Primary!

Please be advised, in an aim to improve phonics and spelling, we have stuck a word and sound mat into the front of everyone's English homework book, (it has also been stuck into their classwork book). Please encourage the children to use this on a regular basis, which will reinforced in school. The Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words (tricky words) need to be learnt in order to boost the children's confidence with spelling and writing sentences. 

Thank you in advance. 


The KS1 Team

Can you guess what our next topic will be...?

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Dear children, parents and carers,

The KS1 team wish you a very enjoyable breaksmiley

Please can we ask that you put aside some time to do some fantastic reading, spelling and phonics work? Also, lets sharpen up our rapid addition and subtraction mental maths skills!

Many thanks in advance...

Mrs. Michie, Miss Black and Miss Brook.


A visit from Sidcup Fire Station


As part of KS1’s Topic, ‘Bight Lights, Big City’ we have been learning about The Great Fire of London, we had a very exciting visit from Sidcup Fire Station, who arrived in their fire engine. After a talk about how the fire fighters help the community, they showed us the tools that they use to help save lives. The children experienced the sirens and lights up close. They were allowed to climb inside the fire engine to have a look around. They also had an opportunity to use the thermal imaging camera, which allowed them to see how fire fighters can find people in a building. Finally, the children were allowed to use the hose, which they all absolutely loved!

We'd like to say a huge thank you to the firefighters who came to visit KS1.

A Visit from Sidcup Fire Station