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smiley 26.06.15

What an amazing week we have had with Enabling Enterprise! Years 3, 4/3 and 4 have been challenged to run their own publishing company!

The children have been given the opportunity to cook a basic shortbread recipe and taste their produce. Then mindful that they had been set the task to produce a recipe book, the children were asked to improve the biscuit and create a recipe book to launch their new sweet treat!

I must confess I have never seen so much icing sugar, sprinkles, chocolate shapes and marshmallows balanced on one tiny biscuit- well done teams!

The week ended with a celebration assembly where the children acknowledged the skills that they had been aiming to improve-team work, aiming high, listening skills to name but a few.

Then, after presenting their fabulous recipe books to the class, the winning publishing house was awarded a prize, but all participants had a treat to acknowledge their superb effort and participation all week! Really well done children.I was very proud of all of you throughout the process.

Kind regards

Mrs Michie

Food Glorious Food- the winning team! Samuel,Nuhaa,Sonny,Mia and Edvinas

The Publishing Houses

Dear 3M, parents/carers,

Our topic this term is PREDATOR!

We have already had a visit from a tarantula, a Madagascar hissing cockroach, a corn snake and a giant African land snail! The children had a fantastic afternoon looking at, talking about- even touching (if you were brave enough!)- some of these amazing creatures. Thank you Jack from ZooLab!


Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

We hope that you have had a fabulous half term break and are ready to find out about our next topic...

TRIBAL TALES! Watch this space to find out more as the term gets underway!


A note about spellings and reading records.

Despite frequent reminders and a replacement book and covering letter being sent home, unfortunately some children have again failed to return their books for the new spellings to be stuck in. This means that loose bits of paper with the week's spellings on are frequently being lost. It also means that the children aren't able to see the progression of the spelling patterns.

Reading records aren't being returned by many children too. I have stressed the importance of reading for 10 minutes every day and recording a few important points- i.e. new words, what they are enjoying about the book and why etc (not waiting until they finish a chapter or book - but as they read the pages e.g.  20/02/15 p13-17 I loved the way the author used the stormy weather to reinforce how the character was feeling.

The children should write their own responses and of course the input of parents and carers is always appreciated.

Please can you support us by helping the children to return their homework and spelling books by Tuesday at the latest  (homework is given out on Thursdays).

Many thanks frown

On Thursday our very busy term culminated in a Mad Hatters Hat Parade. The children had the opportunity to show off their amazing hats on the red carpet runway and were also given the microphone to provide their own commentaries!

I'm sure you would all agree it was a truly fabulous event which afforded the children the opportunity to show off their DT, speaking and listening, modelling and collaborative learning skills. The world's top models, broadcasters and designers had better beware- Years 3 and 4 are hot on your heels and will surely be a threat to your jobs in the very near future! 

The children made their teachers (and friends and families-I'm sure) very proud of them.

We wish you all a well deserved rest and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Mrs. Michie, Miss Proud , Mrs. Leighton and Mr. Jones.

3M Mad Hatters Design Teams

Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

We are about to commence our next wonderful unit of work-POTIONS! (Think Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter).

Please can we ask that you collect and bring in (as soon as possible please) empty washed out containers. For example we need:

  • ‚Äča range of empty bottles
  • containers for a range of household substances such as washing powder,cleaning fluid, soaps, bubble baths, aerosols and other liquids.

Many thanks

Mr. Jones, Mrs. Leighton, Miss Proud and Mrs. Miche no

Welcome to Year 3!

Teacher: Mrs Michie

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Davies

Enabling Enterprise Week! 3.11.14


The week after half term was challenge week at Longlands! Our challenge was called 'Number Crunch' and the children were in teams to create a brand new chocolate bar company! 


Throughout the week we learnt about how maths and chocolate can link together in order to create a successful company. This included creating bar graphs to show flavour popularity, 3D shapes and packaging and the children even had to think about their expenditure and profit!


At the end of the week the teams presented their ideas to a panel of judges! A winning team was chosen and were given a very tasty reward...


All of the children in years 3 and 4 worked so hard all week and really enjoyed the week smiley.


Hayden in year 4 said "I wish it could be challenge week every week!".


Archie in year 3 explained how at the beginning of the week his team found it difficult as they struggled to take it in turns to speak but after the first day they learnt how to work together frown.


I thoroughly enjoyed the week too and it was fantastic to see the children working together and being SO creative, the end products were amazing! Well done year 3 and 4 no


Miss Proud, Mrs Michie, Mrs Leighton and Mr Jones



Dear 3M Parents, Carers and Children...

I hope that you are having a lovely break but I need you to think CHOCOLATE!! First week back after our break is Enabling Enterprise Week.

As on the t.v. show 'The Apprentice', children in Years 3 and 4 will be asked to design and market their very own brand of chocolate!

The children will be given the opportunity to:

  • explore the process of developing a product
  • learn the value of market research
  • collect a range of data and turn it into something more meaningful- a chance to explore bar charts
  • design their own chocolate bar packaging
  • decide on a pricing strategy for their product
  • develop marketing materials and an advert for their chocolate brand
  • collate their work into a presentation
  • ... and finally create a 'map' of their journey reflecting on what they have learnt

Of course any research that you conduct regarding chocolate that is currently available can only be useful and enjoyable-because not to taste samples would surely be rude! Enjoy- regards Mrs. Michie surprise




Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

As part of our drive to improve literacy skills at Longlands School, we are asking that you spare 10 minutes to read to your child every day.

This special time can  involve:

  • your child reading to you
  • you both sharing the reading
  • you modelling good reading (correct pace, expression , observing punctuation rules- pausing at full stops, commas etc)

or a mixture of all 3!

Then whilst talking about what you have both read, we would ask that your child records their comments in the reading record (or yellow sheet) provided. This proves to be a good opportunity for the children to practice their sentence construction and also gain ownership of their reading when commenting on their likes and dislikes.

ITV's Good Morning Britain have started a 'JUST READ' campaign and ascertain that 10 minutes reading per day can help reading levels improve by as much as 6 months!

Thank you in anticipation of your support                                 

Kind regards

Mrs. Michie no

Dear all,

Following our visit to the Sea Life London Aquarium, please can I say how proud all the teachers and accompanying adults were of the excellent way the children behaved throughout the trip. Well done, you were a credit to our school!

 mail Please watch this space for photos and further information regarding the fantastic learning evidenced throughout the day!

Kind regards

Mrs. Michie 


Photos - Sea Life London Aquarium Trip

Can you name this selection of the sea creatures that we saw? Which one did you like the best? Why? Tell your grown ups!