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Malone Year 5

Welcome to Malone class!

Teacher: Miss Childs

TAs: Mrs. Bishop and Mr. Parrett

Key information:


PE: PE will be on Fridays after the February half term. PE will also be on Thursdays from 29th March until 17th May.


Monday: Swimming until February half term.

Spelling test. New spellings to learn will be uploaded onto Google Classroom on Mondays. 

Please bring in reading records to be checked.


Tuesday: Please return homework books, to allow enough time to mark. 


Thursday: Homework will be uploaded onto Google classroom. Please complete homework in homework books. You do not need to print out the work.



Children are expected to read for 20 minutes a day and then complete a quiz on Accelerated Reader at home, when they have finished their book. Please copy and paste this link, as typing 'Accelerated Reader' on Google will not give you the correct site.


To find out if your reading book is on Accelerated Reader, use this link 


Free e-books/audiobooks and use the class code jjx3214 



Please note: We will keep our windows open during the day for ventilation, so it may become a bit chilly at times. Please can I advise that children have layers e.g. vest under shirt and a jumper, to keep them more comfortable in the classroom as it becomes colder.

Ice Palace

Malone adapted a playground game to teach the children in the book 'Ice Palace' about the dangers of the character 'Starjik'.

During a skills builder challenge day, Malone brought in clothes they no longer wanted. The children then created a design to add onto their clothes.

Electricity: Malone have applied their knowledge of electrical circuits to create an alarm that can keep the Crown jewels safe.

Settling in

We have completed work around our school rules, creating a board game around the theme 'ready', 'respectful' and 'safe.'

We enjoyed looking through Kate Malone's artwork and then designing a pot inspired by nature. Afterwards, we made pots out of clay, using techniques to create coils and blend them together for support. 

As we are part of a team, we created a team flag with words that describe what we would like our team to show. For example, being supportive. We had a go at sewing these! Team Malone showed great perseverance when mistakes were made.