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smiley Welcome to 2J! smiley




frown 2J Boat Race! frown


We had a fantastic time in the sunshine today!

We all made a circle around the water tray and we competed in heats to race our boats, Miss Jury kept a list of each of the winners of the races and then they competed once again. Each of the winners were timed to find our overall winner!

Below is a list of the winners and their race times:

Luke- 7 seconds

Shaniece- 6 seconds

David- 9 seconds

Riya- 6 seconds

Robyn- 9 seconds

Maddison- 8 seconds

Jack- 11 seconds

Leo- 4 seconds

Isabella- 12 seconds

Libby- 5 seconds

April- 8 seconds

James C- 5 seconds

Freddy- 5 seconds

Our overall winner was Millie with an amazing time of 3 seconds!

We discussed what we had learnt and we all agreed that when the boat has a propeller, is lighter and the weight on the boat is equal it goes further and at a faster speed! The sails were helpful but on occasions it made the boat move in the wrong direction when the wind blew.

Thank you so much to parents for helping us to make them, it was great fun and we learnt a lot too no



Boat Race Fun!

mail KS1 Land Ahoy Class Assembly mail



This week the Key Stage One children have been working hard to prepare for the class assembly. As we are coming to end of the topic we wanted to celebrate our successes, work and share what we have enjoyed so far. The children each prepared, edited and practiced their speech during our English lessons and today we came together to read them out. The children really did themselves proud, even the quietest of children projected their voices, spoke clearly and loudly. They were also using their golden rules and being kind and respectful to others whilst in the audience, waiting patiently for their turn. Well done KS1! smiley


Please click on the link below to see the rest of the photographs no

We did ourselves proud!

no Happy Puzzle Company! no


We had a fantastic time today with the Happy Puzzle Company, we had to use our enterprise skills and our perseverance to solve the puzzles and problems. We worked in teams to solve a variety of puzzles and we were so proud when we found the solution, we clapped to show a great achievement.

Happy Puzzle Company

smiley Welcome back my lovely 2J! smiley


It was so lovely to see you all back yesterday at school.

This term we are aiming to learn our 2. 5, 10, 3 and 4 times tables of by heart with speed!

Can you take on this challenge? I know you can!

Below is a link to a good website with a balloon popping game that we played at school, it may help you to practice!

no2J's Tree Dressing Afternoon!no



This afternoon, each of us created a butterfly to express ourselves. We all used our creativity and had a go at tree dressing.

It was SO much fun!

Tree Dressing

World Book Day


What a fantastic day we had today, lots of fun had wearing our amazing costumes! It was so wonderful seeing how the junior children come into their own when paired with a KS1 child. Their behaviour was superb.

For world book day 2J got the chance to work with some of the children from 5/6W. Half of the class went to spend the day in 5/6W, while the rest of us waited for some visitor from 5/6W to come and spend the day with us. All of the children had great fun in both classrooms. In 2J the children worked together to complete a range of activities related to Roald Dahl and his stories.

Take a look at some of our pictures from the days activities and maybe see if you can guess which book characters we all are!

World Book Day

A Fantastic Adventure at Groombrigde Place!



What a great day we had!

We began our day in clean clothes and wellington boots and ended the day extremely muddy and worn out, but WOW we had a GREAT day! The children were well behaved and represented our school beautifully which made me feel very proud indecision

The children explored the whole of the enchanted forest, even though we had to tackle muddy, steep hills, it made it all the more fun, a real adventure! I managed to get a great deal of photos of my own group!  But hopefully it will give you a good idea of what we saw and what we did.

Groombridge Place

Witches and Wizards Day!



We had a wonderful day full of excitement and enthusiasm!

Unfortunately Miss Jury wasn't able to be present as she had been turned into a toad for the day and so 2J had a new teacher called Miss Spellman, she came with a hat, broom and spell book.

The children worked in teams to rename their tables. They began by naming their potion ingredients and then brainstormed to create a new magical potion. They used their fantastic imaginations to think of the potion's name and purpose. They used our capacity facts to decide which ingredients to use and how many ml of the liquids they needed.

2J made their own potions using their measuring cylinders, funnels and containers. They spent the afternoon creating our own spells!

Luckily 2J were well behaved enough that I, Miss Jury was able to return the next day!


Witches and Wizards Day!

indecision Longlands School Nativity Play indecision



How proud we are of all of the wonderful children in Early years and Key stage one. They managed to put on three excellent performances this week to parents, grandparents, governors and visitors. The feedback was just fantastic. Miss Owen enjoyed it so much that she joined us for two performances! We were so proud of how the children remembered some very tricky lines, when to come in, acting points and the words to all of the songs. They even projected their voices very well.


What a lovely Christmassy week!

2J Nativity

frown Our Prize Winners from Enabling Enterprise Week! frown



We had such an excellent time this evening at the Walnuts café.

24 prize winners from key stage one accompanied Miss Foley, Miss Gayson and myself to have dinner after school. We had such a wonderful time and the children were beaming from ear to ear. They were all expressing how special they felt and how much fun they had.

The lovely owners at the Walnuts wouldn't let us pay with the money raised from the running of the cafes and so that money will now be put towards resources for key stage one or maybe towards our next trip. How generous!

What a great prize for the children!



Prize Winning Dinner!

We will inform you of any further updates of our discoveries!

Our afternoon discovery!

This afternoon, Miss Botwright was very concerned when something fell from the sky, she found these in the playground. She called for us to come and help her. We investigated and discussed what they could be. We could see something inside and we discussed how we could get them out of the ice. We tried 2 different ways to melt the ice and predicted which would be quickest to melt. We put one in hot water and one in direct sunlight. We found that the one in hot water had melted by playtime. It had an alien inside.

We are still waiting for the second to melt fully.

mailAn Interesting Discovery! mail



Miss Owen called an urgent assembly at 9am this morning, the children were asked to investigate as there was an incident at the back of the school. We went to investigate and we took clipboards to take notes so that we could write an incident report to inform Miss Owen of what we found and what we thought had happened.

When we got to the scene, there was warning barrier tape, cornering off the incident site. There were; springs, tyres, recordings of alien voices, green slimy footprints, dials and electrical parts, pipes, electrical wires and photos of the solar system and the planets.

We concluded that there had been alien space ship crash landing in our school.

frown A Massive Success! frown


We had 18 cafe's set up and running on Friday afternoon and the children really did themselves proud, they worked so hard to make them a great success.


The winning teams from 2J:

Rumble in the Jungle were awarded the most points overall throughout the week for using the challenge skills.

The Solar System Café made the most money whilst running their café on Friday afternoon.

These teams will be asked to accompany Miss Jury for a special visit to a Café, as their prize.


I would like to say a special thank you to the little Waitrose in Sidcup High Street and especially Jenny, the branch manager for donating all of the food and drink needed to run all 18 cafes.



Rumble In The Jungle


The Space Race Cafe

Ninja's Caferia

Everyone Enjoys Crunchy Meals

Super Shooting Singuliar

The Solar System Cafe



WOW! What a week! The children have been amazing and have used so many new skills.

We have been using our challenge skills to problem solve, aim high, lead, work in a team, share ideas, use our imaginations, stay positive and listen carefully.


After our trip, we began to think about own cafes. We brainstormed ideas in our teams and came up with a café name and a theme. We made our own questionnaires, asked our customers the questions and analysed the feedback using bar graphs. We discussed whether our ideas needed to be altered according to our customer's opinions. We then created our menu and discussed costing, profit and came up with our own pricelists. We role played problems that we may encounter in the running of our cafes and the solutions we could use. We then used our creative sides made menus, signs and decorations for our cafes. We even designed our own advertisements, creating leaflets to promote our cafes.

Tomorrow afternoon we are going to be setting up the cafes in the hall and we have invited the key stage two children to be our customers. We are looking forward to running our businesses and taking on our job roles within our teams to see which café will make the most money!smiley


Photographs to follow tomorrow.

noEnabling Enterprise Weekno



This week we have been given the challenge to become entrepreneurs and set up our own café. We got into teams to compete to create and run the most successful café.

We began the week with a trip to The Walnuts Café in Sidcup high street. They kindly accommodating us all for an hour, we had smoothies, biscuits, milkshakes and were taught all about how a café runs and what it has on display. We had the chance to get ideas for our own cafes.


Our Dinosaur Museum!

no Dinosaur Museum! no


What an excellent week we have had, we have been working hard all week to put together our dinosaur museum. We made signs, price labels, fact cards, keyrings. bookmarks, postcards, magnets, dino biscuits, dinosaur blood smoothies and the stinky purple swamp smoothies. A lot of hard work but what a success it was! The children were extremely enthusiastic and proud to show their families around and explain what we had learnt, made and enjoyed. It was so lovely to see queues out of the door of parents wanting to come and celebrate what a great term we have had learning about dinosaurs. The gift shop was a massive success and the café was fantastic, the smoothies and biscuits were yummy!

Thank you so much for sharing it with us smiley

Dino the Dinosaur

cool Dino the Dinosaur is lost! cool



Can you help us to find our Dino the Dinosaur, it has come to my attention that he has gone missing from our classroom!

 If you see him, please return him or contact Miss Jury!

The children will be creating lost posters in the morning to help us in our search.

laugh We have been doubling and halving this week in Maths laugh



We finished the week by practicing our skills and strategies using some games in the computer room.

Why not practice at home?

Story Time!

We have been working very hard to create group, dinosaur non-fiction books and dinosaur story books. This week we invited Early Years to come and join us for story time! The children loved being good role models to the younger children, reading their stories in their best reading voices and sharing the interesting facts that they have learnt.

Puppet Shows!

smiley Dinosaur Express Week! smiley



We have had a fantastic week!

As part of our dinosaur topic the children created their own dinosaur sock puppets during one of our art lessons. The children then spend a morning working in small groups to come up with their own dinosaur puppet show. They decided whether they would create a story or carry out an interview and worked together to create their scripts. The children then performed their shows to the rest of the class. It was great fun to watch and the children really enjoyed the task!

Animal Days Out!



Today, we have had a visit from the Animal days out company. They brought cockroaches, millipedes, bearded dragons, skinks, snakes, chameleons and more. We were able to touch, hold and stroke the animals and we learnt a lot about them. We discussed the similarities of some of the reptiles to the dinosaurs that we have been learning about. The children loved every second of it!



We learnt about how the dinosaurs became extinct! We have also been thinking about what an endangered animal is and which animals are in danger of becoming extinct in our world today.


Take a look at the videos on the link below;



We have been learning about Mary Anning, the famous fossil hunter.

Find out more from the link below;

Alien Crash Site Scene!



no Homework Challenges! no


If you have time and feel like carrying on the Dinosaur fun at home, you could find non-fiction books at home (or in the local library) about Dinosaurs. Bring them into school to share.


How about researching some more amazing facts about the age of the Dinosaurs?


We have found some great websites for you to visit, they have lots of interesting information about dinosaurs and some good games for you to play.




Fossils are the stone remains of animals or plants that were once alive. Fossils can be the bones of a dead dinosaur or his big footprints in the sand. Usually only the skeletons of animals are left after millions of years. But sometimes a whole animal, like a woolly mammoth, gets trapped in ice.



2J are having a fun filled week of exciting learning!


We have been making volcanoes, small world dinosaur landscapes and learning about and making our own clay carnivore, herbivore and omnivore dinosaur jaws. We have made salt dough fossils and we have been writing labels, captions, speech bubbles and recounts to go with our dinosaur adventure photographs. The children have had lots of fun imitating dinosaur movements in dance.


Miss Jury has challenged the children to guess which dinosaurs might be in the eggs that we found on our hunt, we have all been writing down our guesses before they hatch!


"We had lots of fun hunting for dinosaur eggs" Luke 2J

"We found funny looking eggs in sticks" Millie 2J

" I had a wonderful day, looking for dinosaur footprints" Natasha 2J

" My favourite part was searching for fossils in the soil" Sidney and Jack 2J

" Miss Jury looked very funny in her glasses and hat" James C 2J

"I enjoyed going back in time" Rachel 2J



We have had such a dinorific day! What an excellent start to our Dinosaur topic, we cant wait to learn, explore and discover more about Dinosaurs.


Our Adventure!

Dinosaur Adventure PowerPoint

2J's Dinosaur Adventure!


We received an important email from the National History Museum!

Dear Miss Jury, Miss Gayson and Miss Foley


I am writing to you to apologise again for the cancellation of your school trip to the Natural History Museum. I can’t begin to imagine how much of a disappointment the news of the refurbishment and therefore closure of the museum must have been for you as well as your class. Again I can only apologise for this and hopefully once the refurbishment has finished you might be able to rearrange your visit.

We at the National History Museum feel very bad for having to cancel your trip and hope to make up for it in some way.  Therefore we have organised an exciting ‘dinosaur discovery’ for you to carry out in school.

I won’t spoil the surprise for you but I have attached a power point which will explain everything you need to know to get ready for your morning adventure.


Hopefully you will all enjoy the morning. Good Luck and have fun exploring!


Yours Sincerely

Mark Andrews

Director of National History Museum.


2J's First Day Back To School!


2J are writing you this message at the end of their first day.

We have had a wonderful and exciting day today! We are really excited about our new Dinosaur topic.


"I want to learn about what dinosaurs look like"

Millie 2J


"I want to know about what dinosaurs would do if they were alive now"

James C 2J


" We are going to have a fun and exciting year" Rachel 2J