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Year 4

Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

We are about to commence our next wonderful unit of work-POTIONS! (Think Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter).

Please can we ask that you collect and bring in (as soon as possible please) empty washed out containers. For example we need:

  • ‚Äča range of empty bottles
  • containers for a range of household substances such as washing powder,cleaning fluid, soaps, bubble baths, aerosols and other liquids.

Many thanks

Mr. Jones, Mrs. Leighton, Miss Proud and Mrs. Miche no

Welcome to Year 4



Enabling Enterprise Week! 3.11.14


The week after half term was challenge week at Longlands! Our challenge was called 'Number Crunch' and the children were in teams to create a brand new chocolate bar company! 


Throughout the week we learnt about how maths and chocolate can link together in order to create a successful company. This included creating bar graphs to show flavour popularity, 3D shapes and packaging and the children even had to think about their expenditure and profit!


At the end of the week the teams presented their ideas to a panel of judges! A winning team was chosen and were given a very tasty reward...


All of the children in years 3 and 4 worked so hard all week and really enjoyed the week smiley.


Hayden in year 4 said "I wish it could be challenge week every week!".


Archie in year 3 explained how at the beginning of the week his team found it difficult as they struggled to take it in turns to speak but after the first day they learnt how to work together frown.


I thoroughly enjoyed the week too and it was fantastic to see the children working together and being SO creative, the end products were amazing! Well done year 3 and 4 no


Miss Proud, Mrs Michie, Mrs Leighton and Mr Jones







Well done to all the children who are busy reading at home. We are so proud of you!!

Remember, we now have some lovely new core books in class.

Which book do you fancy reading first?

Cakes in Space? Emil and the Detectives?










Years 3 and 4 went on a trip to the London Aquarium. This was to inspire and motivate children with the class topic 'The Blue Abyss'.

The children caught the train from Sidcup to Charing Cross and walked over Hungerford Bridge taking in all the amazing sights along the way.

In the aquarium the children had a workshop on classification of sea creatures and then time to view all the amazing sea life within the building. These included penguins, stingrays and sharks! 

One child was heard to say 'This has been the best school trip ever!'. 

Artists at Work. Here we are hard at work and having fun making our models of an underwater world!