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Returning to School after periods of isolation.

Dear Parents and Carers,

Following previous communications regarding potential isolation periods for children who may have been exposed to (or are exhibiting symptoms of) COVID-19, I am writing to you to ask for parental support for those returning to school following either a period of isolation or a negative test result. Once we are aware of a parent’s decision to either isolate or test a child, the school keeps a register of the anticipated return date of that child based on the recommended isolation period.

Children will only be permitted to return to school once that period of isolation has been observed OR a confirmed negative test result has been received.

To help ensure that these records are as accurate as possible, we would ask that parents and carers notify the school before returning to school. If you have received a negative test result or have completed the necessary isolation period, please email the school office via to make us aware of your change in circumstances the day/night before coming into school. The school admin box is monitored regularly and teachers will be made aware of any changes before coming onto the playground in the morning. If the school does not receive confirmation, it may be necessary to isolate a child within school until such confirmation is received to ensure everyone’s continued health and wellbeing.

I would like to reassure you all that the school’s systems and processes remain robust in these challenging times and with the continued support and understanding of parents and carers we can continue to rise to the challenges we face. As many of you will be aware, guidance changes and is updated regularly and the Prime Minister will be issuing a statement later today. Any changes the school feels is necessary following a review of the guidance will be issued to parents in a timely fashion.

Thank you and stay safe,

Miss Owen and the Longlands Staff Team.